Protecting 100 Million Individual Investors

All U.S. citizens can now invest in high-risk start-ups.
We’re here to protect them.

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Why Crowdability?

Historical Legislation:
The JOBS Act

An historic piece of legislation known as The JOBS Act is opening up a new asset class to individual investors: Private Equity.

Investors Need

Individuals will be lured by the high potential returns – but with little experience in this market, there's a real threat of capital loss.

Our Solution:

We aim to protect these investors by providing education, software and research.

Our Solutions: Online Coursework

Our online course, The Early-Stage Playbook, is a fully interactive 12-lesson video series that teaches novice investors everything they need to know about investing in early-stage companies.

The course was compiled with the help of over 30 professional venture capitalists and “angels”—investors who’ve backed companies like Twitter, Uber, LifeLock and Apple when they were at their earliest stages.

The Playbook also includes special bonus lessons, including how to invest in later-stage pre-IPO companies, and how to earn double-digit yields from private real estate deals.

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The Early-Stage Playbook

Our Solutions: Data & Screening Software

CrowdabilityIQ is a “stock screener” for early-stage private companies.

The first software of its kind, CrowdabilityIQ provides ratings and rankings on hundreds of private equity investment opportunities from all across the web.

Essentially, it gives you a fast, easy way to avoid the riskiest start-up investments, and just focus on the ones with the most potential.

For example, CrowdabilityIQ allows you to quickly search for deals that are backed by prominent venture capital funds or angel investors. This way, you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’re following “smart money” into a new investment.

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