Bill Gates Says This Could Kill Amazon

Would You Enjoy Being Trapped in a Cave?

Accounts of being trapped in a cave tend to include feelings of horror and panic. But not for this woman — she can’t wait to go back »

Humidity — It’s Finally Good for Something

We often complain about the humidity…

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AI Can Help You Talk to the Dead

The Brand Consumers Trust the Most Is...

Amazon, UPS, and The Weather Channel are among the ten most-trusted brands in America. But none of them made the top spot. Who did? »

A Mutation Protected This Man from Alzheimer’s — Could it Protect You, Too?

One man’s genetic mutation…

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Hate Telemarketers? The “Seinfeld Bill” Could Help

This Man Has Lived Underwater for 2 Months

A Florida man has lived underwater for the past two-and-a-half months. Here’s why he doesn’t want to leave »

Now Scientists Can Pull Your DNA from the Air

In a blow for privacy advocates, scientists can now collect your genetic data…

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New Option at Amazon: Get Paid for Pickup

Take Me to the Prom... In a Tank

Back in my day, the fancy kids showed up to the prom in a limousine. These days, they're making far grander entrances. Check it out »

MoviePass is Coming Back, Again

Movie fans, rejoice! Your ticket to unlimited films at the…

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Elon's Weirdest Invention Yet?

Harvard Scientists Develop Cure for Hearing-Loss

Scientists at Harvard have developed a drug “cocktail” to cure hearing-loss. Read more here »

Is it Real or Is it AI? Here’s How to Tell

Reviews for products on the internet are increasingly being written by machines, not real people. How can…

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RIP Netflix

All Hail the Rat Czar!

Rats are a serious problem in the Big Apple. Good thing New York City just brought in an expert to handle the situation. Get the details »

VHS Tape Sells for Nearly Thirty Grand

Vintage collectables like watches and baseball cards can bring about…

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Less Baseball = Less Beer?!

The FBI Says Be Aware of “Juice Jacking”

Your personal data is once again at risk, this time by a new tactic known as “juice jacking.” What the heck is it? »

He Didn’t Get Hired as an Intern, So He Built a Billion-Dollar Company

Seventeen years ago,…

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A 3D-Printed What?!?

Is a Bagel Worth Your Biometric Data?

One of America’s biggest breakfast chains is trying something new: using your biometric data to sell you coffee and bagels. Are you interested? »

Armies of Robots are Coming

A top U.S. general predicts that, in the future, much of the world’s…

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Man Turns Cat into a Drone

What Happened to the Statue of Liberty?

She’s one of America’s most iconic landmarks. But you’ve never seen her like this before. Click here »

This is the Future of Pro Basketball

In honor of March Madness, we thought we’d give you a glimpse of how the game of…

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