Robotic Worms Could Save Your Life

An Old Lemon Sells for More Than Your Monthly Mortgage

When a 19th-century cabinet went up for auction in England, staffers discovered a 285-year-old lemon in the back of a drawer. The cabinet ended up selling for forty bucks. Curious how much the lemon went for? Much, much more…

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This Year’s Super Bowl Winner Is…

What the Heck Is This Secretive Startup Up To?

A stealthy startup just closed an eight-figure funding round, despite revealing little more than a plan that involves landing on the moon. Should we be intrigued, or worried? »

A Restaurant Where Food Is Getting… Cheaper?

Fast-food used to be…

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Get Paid $10,000 to Put Down Your Phone

Solved: One of History’s Most Bewildering Mysteries

Thanks to sonar imaging, a group of explorers just found the most famous plane in history. Can you guess whose plane it is? Get the scoop »

You’re Not So Different from Elon Musk

Chances are, you’re not a billionaire or a…

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Former Pentagon Director Breaks Silence About UFOs

Don’t Be Hating on Billionaires

Nearly 50% of Americans say they hate tech billionaires. They shouldn’t. Here’s why »

Your Jetpack Is Ready — Almost

As kids, we were promised jetpacks and flying cars. Are we there yet? The answer might surprise you »

“$7 French Fries” Says…

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The Strongest Man in the World — A Senior Citizen

Are You Rich Enough to Buy This TV?

This TV costs more than most cars, even some homes. But if you’ve got the cash, it might be worth it. See for yourself »

RIP Self-Checkout

It’s hard to shop these days without being forced to use self-checkout. Are you…

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“They’re Cheap and They Don’t Snitch”

This Is Not Just a Pen

A startup has built what it calls the world’s “most advanced pen.” Really? What exactly can it do? As it turns out, more than you could ever have imagined »

iPhone Survives 16,000-Foot Fall

In the ultimate unpaid product endorsement, the power and…

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Bitcoin to $500,000?

Facebook is Spying on You — Again

Facebook can’t stop itself from tracking your every move! It just developed a new way to spy on you. Here’s what you need to know »

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Today’s tech gadgets can respond to our voice commands, check our…

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Live in Jeff Bezos’ Space Station

Who Sent This Video from 19 Million Miles Away?

Far, far away, from somewhere between Mars and Jupiter, a video was sent to NASA. But who sent it? And what did it show? Find out here »

From Toilet to Tap — Why You Might Soon Be Drinking Raw…

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Amazon Sued for Helping Perverts Use Spy Cams

The Craziest Things You Googled This Year

Your Google search history for 2023 has arrived. So has the entire world’s. See the results here »

Shh, You’re Typing Too Loud

AI can use your keyboard habits to steal your personal information. But to be clear, it’s not what you’re…

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Disney World Can Cure Kidney Stones

Criminals Don’t Want Your Android

A group of thieves robbed a man and took his phone. They turned to run — but then stopped and gave the phone back to him. Here’s why »

This Startup Can Get You Into Your Dreams — Literally

Have you ever wanted to stay…

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