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Private Market Profits is the world’s first investment research service focused on providing individual investors with actionable investment ideas in the private markets.

The service is managed by Crowdability’s founders, Matt Milner and Wayne Mulligan. Their goal is to help you identify private, early-stage investment opportunities that offer significant upside potential. In other words, investment returns that far exceed what you’d expect to earn in the public markets.

For example, early investors in Google made 3,000% on their money when the company went public. Facebook’s first investor made 2,000x his money when the company went public. He turned every $1,000 he invested into more than $2 million.

The goal of Private Market Profits is to help you build a diversified portfolio of early-stage companies that offer the same type of upside potential.

Every month, subscribers receive a new investment idea, backed up by an in-depth digital prospectus. The prospectus includes a detailed analysis of the company and its product, growth and profit forecasts, and research on the company’s industry and competitive position. All this due diligence is performed by Matt, Wayne and their research team.

Subscribers are also invited to exclusive interviews our team regularly conducts with company CEOs and professional venture investors from our network.

This service is for all investors:

  • There are no requirements related to net worth or income
  • Investment minimums for the opportunities we identify are as low as $100
  • You can invest in these deals through a self-directed IRA
  • Citizens of nearly all countries may participate

The standard price for an annual subscription to Private Market Profits is $6,000.

However, access to Private Market Profits is currently closed. Due to the nature of private investments, only a certain number of investors can realistically participate in each deal. Therefore, we limit the number of subscribers we accept into the service.

At this time membership is completely full.

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