Bill Gates Says This Could Kill Amazon

Would You Enjoy Being Trapped in a Cave?

Accounts of being trapped in a cave tend to include feelings of horror and panic. But not for this woman — she can’t wait to go back »

Humidity — It’s Finally Good for Something

We often complain about the humidity…

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2,150% in Quick Profits

A few years ago, I wrote to you about a major development in the private markets.

As I explained, this development could help you earn potentially life-changing returns from your private investments — faster than you ever could before.

In fact, I predicted your quick returns could reach 10x, 20x,…

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Forget Gold – Invest in this $155,000 "Bar" Instead

What if you could own a piece of television history?

Like the bar from "Cheers"...

Or Pamela Anderson's red swimsuit from "Baywatch"...

Or the little golf cart that Tattoo drove on "Fantasy Island."

Classic items like these have turned out to be extraordinary valuable.

And now, investors like you have…

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AI Can Help You Talk to the Dead

The Brand Consumers Trust the Most Is...

Amazon, UPS, and The Weather Channel are among the ten most-trusted brands in America. But none of them made the top spot. Who did? »

A Mutation Protected This Man from Alzheimer’s — Could it Protect You, Too?

One man’s genetic mutation…

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A Profit "Time Machine"?

Imagine being able to hop into a time machine and head back to 1996, the dawn of the Internet.

You’d be able to pick up Apple stock when it was trading at just $0.25 a share… Or shares of Amazon when it was trading at just $1.50 a share. That…

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How To Invest if You Don’t Recognize Your Freezer

I don’t recognize my freezer anymore.

I mean, I recognize the freezer itself. I just don’t recognize what’s inside it.

It used to be filled with pizzas from brands like DiGiorno or Trader Joe's.

But not anymore.

Nowadays, it’s stacked with offerings from companies like Banza, Tattooed Chef, and Blackbird.

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Hate Telemarketers? The “Seinfeld Bill” Could Help

This Man Has Lived Underwater for 2 Months

A Florida man has lived underwater for the past two-and-a-half months. Here’s why he doesn’t want to leave »

Now Scientists Can Pull Your DNA from the Air

In a blow for privacy advocates, scientists can now collect your genetic data…

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How to "Invest" like a "Gambler"

When I tell people what I do for a living, I hear things like this: 

“The stock market!? That’s a real crap shoot!”

“You invest in startups? I’d rather play the lotto!”

“Oh, isn’t that like gambling?”

Comments like that used to bother me. But not anymore.

Nowadays, I take them…

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New Option at Amazon: Get Paid for Pickup

Take Me to the Prom... In a Tank

Back in my day, the fancy kids showed up to the prom in a limousine. These days, they're making far grander entrances. Check it out »

MoviePass is Coming Back, Again

Movie fans, rejoice! Your ticket to unlimited films at the…

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