Robots are Coming… to Save You Money

Are Toys the Next Hot Investment Sector? Maybe — Thanks to “Kidults”

Toys are flying off the shelves this holiday season. The thing is, kids aren’t the ones playing with them — “kidults” are »

Elon Is Stepping Down

Last week, Elon Musk posted a poll asking if he…

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Elon Musk Is Getting a Brain Implant — Will You?

Life-Saving Vending Machines Are Here

Candy… sodas… cars… it seems there are vending machines to sell just about everything these days. But only one such machine could save your life. Get the scoop »

[VIDEO] Puppy Pulls Fire Alarm at Doggy Daycare, is Very Sorry

High-school students have been…

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Robinhood Now Offering 401k Matching

Creator of iPod Believes He Can Save Crypto

The crypto market’s in trouble. But the guy who invented the iPod thinks he can save it. What’s his plan? Find out here »

Scientists Explain Why You’re Sick During the Holidays

Germs are present year-round. So why do we get…

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Could Elon Create the “iPhone Killer”?

You Saw it on “Star Wars” — Now It’s Here for Real

From lightsabers to robots, magical objects from “Star Wars” have started to appear in the real world. Recently, another one made its debut. Check it out »

This is How You’d Look as an Egyptian Pharoah

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Hyundai Airbag for Your Crotch

If You Die in This Game, You Die in Real Life

Like games? Here’s one that caught our attention. But be warned: losing has some serious consequences »

Computer Chips Made from… Mushrooms?

It’s easy to find mushrooms in places like salads and stir-fry’s. But soon, you might find…

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Elon’s Next Business Venture: Parking Lots?

Where Do All the Startup Founders Come From? (Hint: not Harvard)

A new study reveals the colleges that create the most startup founders. Which one tops the list? The answer may surprise you »

Office Building… or Secret Vault?

This ordinary brick building is surrounded by razor wire and…

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U.S. Gov’t Providing $13 Billion for Your Energy Bill

Meet Twitter’s New Rival

Elon Musk is in the headlines after officially acquiring Twitter. Meanwhile, the guy who founded Twitter is getting ready to launch a competitor. Learn more here »

Former Head of Gates Foundation Says His Startup Could Reverse Aging

Since the dawn of time, humans have…

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A 105-Mile City Encased in Mirrors

If You Want to Scare Kids, Try This

Are you decorating your house for Halloween this weekend? This technology could help make it the scariest house on the block. Boo-yeah »

The Brain Implant that Could Kill Cancer

The idea of brain implants sounds like science fiction. Even more…

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Cancer Vaccines Could Be Available Before 2030

A $40,000 iPhone?!?

Sure, the cost of an iPhone has been going up for years. But $40,000? This might shock even the most loyal Apple fan »

The Convenience Store Run by Avatars

A convenience store is replacing its employees with digital avatars. Sounds weird. But could this be…

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For Safer Driving, Add Big Goofy Eyes to Your Car

Maybe Aliens are Getting High

Do aliens really exist? To find out, scientists at University of California, Riverside are suggesting we search the skies for a certain “party drug.” Let the search begin »

Beware of Facebook’s New Browser

Facebook is testing out its own internet browser. It claims…

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