America’s Best Bathroom

Forget Netflix — Here Comes NASA

There’s already Netflix, Hulu, Max, and dozens of other streaming services. But now a new one’s coming — and it will feature content that’s truly out of this world. Get the details »

Can These Kids Predict the Future?

Vice Magazine asked a…

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Will the Government Protect Your Privacy — or Invade it?

The Fight Against Alzheimer’s Hits a Turning Point

A new discovery in the fight against one of the world’s most terrible afflictions has scientists jumping for joy. Some are even calling it “potentially life changing.” Learn why »

ChatGPT Has an Evil Twin

You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT, the…

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Reverse Aging? Harvard/MIT Scientists Now Say It’s Possible

Time to Buy Apple Stock?

Apple’s already a three-trillion-dollar company. Could its stock rise even higher? Given this new patent, it sure might »

A Bucket of Paint Could Reverse Climate Change

Many believe dramatic steps are needed to reverse the effects of climate change. But perhaps all that’s…

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LEAKED: Tesla’s New Creation

Machines Rebelling Against Humans? This Robot Didn’t Dismiss the Idea

A life-like humanoid robot was asked if it would rebel against its human creators. You won’t believe its response »

Using This Emoji Could Cost You

If you’re trying to be like the “cool kids” and use emojis in…

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RIP Twitter?

Turn the Tables on Telemarketers

You can ignore calls from unknown numbers. You can hang up as soon as you hear a telemarketer’s voice on the other line. Or you can use this to keep them from ever calling you again »

This Holiday Staple May Be Going Extinct

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Who’ll Win the Cage Match: Zuckerberg or Musk?

"I Married a Chatbot"

Rosanna Ramos was having trouble finding true love. Then she turned to Artificial Intelligence, and soon found the “man” of her dreams. Get the scoop »

Your Next Meal Might Include Astronaut Breath

How do you make bread in space? First, you’ll need the basics…

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The Beatles Are Releasing a New Album

Beyoncé Causes Inflation to Spike in Sweden

There are powerful people — and then there are superstars. One superstar’s appearance in Sweden caused such a stir, the country’s inflation rate soared. What’s going on here? »

[VIDEO] Japan Wants Satellites to Die a Fiery Death

Outer space is filling up…

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SpaceX Just Hired a 14-Year-Old Developer

This Man’s Hiccups Lasted Sixty-Eight Years

A century ago, Charles Osborne started to hiccup — and he didn’t stop for sixty-eight years. Could the same thing happen to you? »

Don’t Buy the New Apple Product Before Reading This!

Apple just unveiled its augmented and virtual reality headset to…

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Does your Autocorrect Quack Like a Duck?

An Exciting New Work-Out Routine: Working Out Drunk

What’s the secret to getting into great shape? As it turns out, it’s not your diet or how much you elevate your heartrate. It’s this »

Free Real Estate from the U.S. Government

Are you in the market for a place…

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Bill Gates Says This Could Kill Amazon

Would You Enjoy Being Trapped in a Cave?

Accounts of being trapped in a cave tend to include feelings of horror and panic. But not for this woman — she can’t wait to go back »

Humidity — It’s Finally Good for Something

We often complain about the humidity…

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