2,150% in Quick Profits

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, June 1, 2023

A few years ago, I wrote to you about a major development in the private markets.

As I explained, this development could help you earn potentially life-changing returns from your private investments — faster than you ever could before.

In fact, I predicted your quick returns could reach 10x, 20x, even 400x your money.

I realize claims like this might sound “too good to be true.” But today, I’ll show you rock-solid proof that these returns are possible.

Not only that, but I’ll show you how regular investors are already earning profits like these…

And most importantly, I’ll reveal how you could have the chance to do the same!

Startup Investing’s “Achilles Heel”

If I had a magic wand, I’d change just one thing about startup investing:

I’d make it so I could sell my shares exactly when I wanted to.

You see, startups are very young companies. That’s why, generally speaking, it takes some time for them to mature, and it takes some time before the successful ones have an “exit.”

An exit happens when a startup gets acquired by a bigger company, or goes public in an IPO. That’s when investors like me and you make our profits.

But here’s the thing…

A takeover or an IPO can sometimes take years to happen. So if you wanted to cash out of the investment in the short term, traditionally, there wasn’t much you could do.

But now that’s changing…

Selling Your Shares to Other Investors

A moment ago, I told you about the two main ways startup investors earn their profits:

Acquisitions and IPOs.

But there’s also a third way:

Sometimes, startup investors sell their shares to other startup investors.

For example, look what happened with Uber, the transportation company:

Several years ago, when Uber was still a tiny startup, our business partner Howard Lindzon invested in it.

Most private investors waited almost a decade to cash out their shares — they waited until Uber (NYSE: UBER) went public.

But Howard was able to sell his shares years before that.

You see, he was able to sell some of his Uber shares to another startup investor…

And when he did, he made about 400x his money!

Until recently, this type of sale — it’s called a “secondary” transaction — was only available to wealthy investors like Howard.

But now it’s becoming available to all investors… including you!

A Major Milestone for the Private Markets

In 2020, the SEC approved the first “secondary market” for private company shares in the United States. It’s part of a website called StartEngine.

This “private share exchange” allows investors to sell their startup shares to other individuals before the startup gets taken over or goes public.

And as I also explained, not only could this development mean big profits for investors like you — but it could mean you earn those profits fast!

But when I wrote that article, I was just making forecasts and predictions. I didn’t have proof of individuals actually profiting from these new secondary markets…

Until now!

The U.K. Leads the Way

You see, even though StartEngine launched the first secondary market in the U.S….

A different company launched the world’s first secondary market — the United Kingdom-based funding platform, Seedrs.

The Seedrs’ secondary market operates just like StartEngine’s — but it launched several months earlier.

Recently, Seedrs released some data about how investors have profited by selling their shares on its exchange.

As you’ll see below, these investors have done extremely well. According to the company’s website, investors earned:

  • 996% gains from a startup called Revolut.
  • 1,110% profits from Brickowner.
  • And a staggering 2,150% profit from a startup called Landbay.

To be clear, NONE of these companies went IPO or got acquired.

Investors were able to cash out for 10x to 20x their initial investment by selling their stakes on Seedrs’ secondary market.

Now It’s Your Turn!

As I said earlier, not only are these extraordinary profits possible

But thousands of regular investors like you are already taking advantage of them.

Are you ready to do the same?

If you’ve already made a private investment, you can check out StartEngine’s secondary market here to see if there are any buyers for your shares.

And if you haven’t made any investments yet, check out Crowdability’s Deals Directory to search for potential deals.

Happy investing!

Best Regards,



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