Bitcoin vs. Gold

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Last week, Matt and I were invited to an exclusive event in New York.

Only a very limited number of people were allowed to attend…

In part, that’s because the headliners were secretive CIA consultants and former hedge fund managers — but it’s also because they were debating a highly sensitive topic…

And if the results of the debate were made public, the effect on the markets could be catastrophic.

Not a Laughing Matter

Ok, now that I have your attention, let me put my cards on the table.

Yes, Matt and I did attend an exclusive event last week...

But the real reason seating was limited was because the event was held at a tiny comedy club on the Upper West side of Manhattan.

You see, one of the headliners is an amateur standup comedian, and he owns the place.

But to be clear, the event we attended was no comedy show…

It was a dead-serious debate between James Altucher and Jim Rickards.

A Critical Topic 

James and Jim are two of today’s most widely followed analysts at Agora Financial — one of the largest independent financial publishers in the world.

And the focus of the debate was this:

What will be a better investment over the next five years: Bitcoin or Gold?

And watching these two men spar was enlightening, to say the least...

You see, James Altucher is one of the world’s biggest believers of crypto-currencies and Bitcoin. In fact, it’s rumored that he’s earned millions of dollars from trading the digital currency over the past few years.

Jim Rickards, on the other hand, is a renowned currency expert and hard asset investor.

This fight was going to get ugly…

Gold Goes to $10,000 an Ounce?

Jim Rickards kicked off the debate with an attack on Bitcoin, while simultaneously laying out the argument for a bull market in gold.

According to Jim, Bitcoin is complete hype, with no real use case.

He argued that we already have digital currency in the form of credit cards...

And once more governments start cracking down on crypto-currencies, the value of Bitcoin — and all crypto-currencies — will crash.

Gold, on the other hand, is not only a far more stable store of value...

But Jim believes it has tremendous near-term upside potential.

In fact, from the stage of the comedy club, he explained to the audience why he believes gold could soon soar from $1,348 per ounce (where it sits today)...

All the way up to $10,000 an ounce in five years or less.

That would equate to a 741% profit.

You can read Jim’s reasoning for $10,000 gold here »

Bitcoin’s Counterpunch

If you’ve ever heard Jim Rickards speak, you know he can make a very persuasive argument.

By the time he was done, I was ready to call my broker and have him buy me a wide range of gold investments.

But Altucher is a very compelling speaker, too — and he wasn’t about to take Jim’s attack on Bitcoin lying down.

First, Altucher launched an aggressive attack against Gold...

He basically called it a “rock” that couldn’t even buy you a stick of gum at the corner store down the street.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the future:

It’s only been around for a few years — and it’s already surpassed the value of gold.

Furthermore, it’s estimated that less than 0.5% of the world’s population even owns Bitcoin.

As cryptos continue to gain popularity and more investors buy Bitcoin in order to participate in this market, its value should continue to rise.

By how much?

James predicts Bitcoin could go as high as $1 million per coin in the coming years »

At today’s value, that would be a gain of 10,900% — enough to turn a $5,000 investment into nearly $550,000.

Who Should You Believe?

Both men made compelling arguments...

But here’s the thing:

Regardless of where you stand on Gold or Bitcoin, from an objective risk-vs.-reward perspective, placing a small long-term bet on Bitcoin makes the most sense.

Let me explain...

According to Rickards, the most you could possibly earn from a five-year investment in gold is 741% your money.

That’s not bad — but when you look at it relative to the potential 10,000%+ return you could earn in Bitcoin, it simply pales in comparison.

So our recommendation is to side with Altucher on this debate:

Over the long-term, put at least some of your money in Bitcoin.

Happy investing.

Best Regards,



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