"Crazy" Twitter News = 300,000% Profit Opportunity?

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Did you see the crazy news about Twitter?

Because of the coronavirus, CEO Jack Dorsey told his staff they can work from home “forever.”

After that, Facebook and Google said employees can work from home at least until 2021. And then everyone from JP Morgan to Zillow extended their work-from-home options, too.

This means tens of millions of workers will need new tools and software so they can collaborate with their co-workers remotely.

Over the past few years, “online collaboration” tools have been steadily gaining traction. Just look at the wildly successful IPOs of former startups like Slack, Atlassian, and Zoom.

But thanks to announcements like Twitter’s, this trend is now skyrocketing.

So, today, I’d like to introduce you to the new crop of online collaboration startups…

Because they might be your ticket to making 3,000x your money.

Taking on Slack and Microsoft Teams

Research firm CB Insights recently published a list of 65 startups that are “enabling the remote workforce.”

Let me introduce you to six of these startups now.

The first three are in the Messaging & Chat sector. This sector is white hot right now…

You see, messaging system Slack was a homerun for its startup investors. As CNBC.com reported, they made more than 3,000x their money.

That’s enough to turn a tiny investment of $1,000 into $3 million. Which is why investors are looking for the “next Slack.”

Here are a few of the startups jumping into this sector.

Messaging & Chat Startups

First, look at Threads

Threads is a chat and communication platform. As the company says, it “empowers teams to easily share, discuss, and make decisions no matter where they are.” It’s raised about $11 million so far.

Then there’s Dialpad.

Dialpad is building a voice and telephony solution. Essentially, it’s a cloud-based phone system that makes it easy to do things like video conferencing, CRM integrations, and call recording. It’s raised about $121 million.

And on the smaller side is a startup called Yac. Yac offers a voice messaging platform for remote teams. As TechCrunch reported, “Yac is reinventing voicemail for the Slack generation.” This startup has only raised $1.8 million so far.

Like Zoom — But Better

Then there are all the startups in the Video Conferencing sector.

You might be hearing a lot about video conferencing company Zoom lately…

That’s because its number of daily users has skyrocketed due to the coronavirus — going from about 10 million, to 300 million.

Since going public about a year ago, its stock (Nasdaq: ZM) has gone from about $67 a share… to about $167 a share. Its current market cap is about $47 billion.

Here are a few of the startups aiming to become the “next Zoom”:

Fuze is a cloud-based conferencing platform that’s raised $481 million so far. It offers enterprise-level HD audio and video conferencing for up to 1,000 participants.

Then there’s Around, which offers strong privacy and AI-powered audio. Product Hunt calls it “Next-gen video calls for a new era of work.” It’s only raised about $5.2 million so far, including from angel investor Naval Ravikant.

And finally, there’s enterprise video app Loom, which offers asynchronous video messaging for workplaces. It’s raised about $45 million so far.

And There’s More…

The thing is, Remote Work is going to be the hot new trend for a while now.

And emerging sectors like Messaging and Video Conferencing are just the tip of the iceberg.

For example, there are hundreds of new startups in sectors like Virtual Office, Project Management, and Collaborative Design.

And any of these startups could end up being the next Zoom…

Or the next Slack, which again, helped its early investors make 300,000% on their money.

That’s why, in the coming months, we’ll be bringing you opportunities to invest in startups like these… right at the ground floor.

So stay tuned!

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