Crypto Breakthrough — Unlimited Profits!

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, December 12, 2019

Most investors have been struggling to make money in the crypto markets recently.

But not us.

You see, after a far-reaching investigation — one that took us around the world and lasted months — we discovered an extraordinary strategy for investing in crypto-currencies.

And by using this strategy, we’ve been able to make a series of big, successful trades.

This strategy is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Simply put, it works whether the market is going up… or going straight down.

And now we’d like to reveal how you could use this simple strategy to earn huge gains — even if the crypto market keeps crashing…

And even if you have no money to invest!

“Insider” Profits

A moment ago, I told you this strategy works whether the market is going up, or going straight down.

To explain what I mean, let me show you a few examples.

For starters, take a look at this chart for Ethereum (ETH):

About two years ago, Ethereum was trading near its peak of roughly $1,400.

But today it sits at $144. So if you got in back then, you’ve lost about 90% of your investment.

Meanwhile, simply by using the strategy I mentioned a moment ago, a small group of crypto insiders are sitting on a massive profit from their Ethereum right now.

More specifically, instead of losing 90% on their ETH investment, this group of crypto insiders is currently sitting on a gain of 46,352%.

That’s enough to turn a $1,000 investment into a windfall of $464,516.

Hundreds of Profitable Trades

It’s the same story with hundreds of other beaten-down cryptos…

Spectrecoin (XSPEC), for example, once traded at about $5.50. Today it sits at just $0.08. For many investors, that adds up to a 98% loss.

But if you’d used the strategy favored by the insiders, you’d currently be sitting on a profit of more than 8,100%.

That’s enough to turn every $5,000 into more than $410,000.

We analyzed the impact of using this strategy on hundreds of cryptos — coins like Stratis, Lisk, and Qtum…

And nearly every time, regardless of how poorly a crypto had performed, it was the same story:

While other investors suffered crippling losses, these insiders earned extraordinary profits.

What’s Their Secret? 

You’re probably wondering what their secret is.

How could this group of investors be earning huge gains while nearly everyone else is watching their wealth evaporate?

Well, when we came across this market anomaly, we asked ourselves the same question.

And we were shocked by what we eventually uncovered…

Introducing: “The Shadow Market”

Simply put, we discovered an international syndicate of investors that’s been using this strategy, in secret, to earn vast sums of money.

From their offshore havens, and through their use of sophisticated financial and communication techniques, these traders have been earnings millions of dollars, month after month, regardless of whether the crypto market is going up or down.

That’s why we call this exclusive marketplace “The Shadow Market”

By staying under the radar, “in the shadows,” this secretive group of crypto insiders has managed to operate without interference from other investors or government regulators.

But we also discovered something even more important:

We discovered a “backdoor” to this exclusive market…

This is a 100% legal backdoor that could allow anyone — regardless of their investment experience or the size of their bank account — to access this ultra-profitable investing strategy.

And here’s the best part…

Your “Backdoor” to Profits

If you’re a member of Crypto Insider, we’ve got some good news for you:

Not only is your next recommendation coming in just a week or so…

But your new report will show you how to secure tokens in your next Shadow Market trade for free.

This is an opportunity to potentially put thousands of dollars in your pocket without making any upfront financial investment.

So keep an eye on your inbox!

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