Elon Musk: Cop Killer?

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, January 19, 2023

Tesla’s having a tough run of it lately.

Not only is its stock down 60% over the past 12 months…

And not only is Elon Musk making headlines almost every day over his fumbling takeover of Twitter…

But Tesla vehicles themselves are also making headlines — and for all the wrong reasons.

You see, it was just two months ago when Tesla officially announced that its full self-driving capabilities would be available to all Tesla drivers…

Then, just a short a time later, this happened:

While operating in full “self-driving” mode, a Tesla suddenly veered off course, came to a full stop on a busy highway, and caused an eight-car pile-up!

There’s clearly something very wrong here…

And today, not only will I help you understand the problem, but I’ll share a potential solution.

And as you’ll see, not only could this solution add billions back to Tesla’s market cap…

But it could help you pocket profits as high as 5,934% at the same time!

Self-Driving Cars’ “Achilles' Heel”

Until Tesla solves this problem with its self-driving technology, I believe we’ll continue to see more headlines like this:

Tesla Autopilot Crashes: With at Least a Dozen Dead, ‘Who’s at Fault, Man or Machine?’”

Tesla 'full self-driving' triggered 8-car crash on Bay Bridge

One of the two traffic police officers reportedly hit by a Tesla in East China died

And we believe the reason Tesla’s having so much trouble with its self-driving cars is simple:

Self-driving cars still have a big problem: they can’t “see”!

Let me explain…

Currently, self-driving cars navigate their surroundings based on images from low-quality cameras, or based on a technology known as LiDAR.

And their “vision” is limited to something that looks like this:

Well, you can barely tell that’s a road at all!

And that’s one of the main reasons this technology hasn’t taken hold yet:

Simply put, people don’t feel safe!

And because of that, a market that’s potentially worth $7 trillion is being put at risk.

Which is why I’m writing about this topic today:

A $7 Trillion Solution

Imagine for a moment that instead of self-driving cars seeing something like this:

They could see something like this instead:

In other words, a self-driving car would have a a crystal-clear view of everything around it.

It could see cars, pedestrians, traffic lights and stop signs…

It would have a perfect view of the road and could then be in a position to make better decisions about how to operate in that environment.

Ideally, we’d stop seeing headlines about eight-car pile-ups and police officers dying after being hit…

And if that were to happen, then we believe we’d see an explosion in sales for Tesla and other self-driving automakers.

The Missing Link

Which is why we’ve been working non-stop over the past few months to dig into a breakthrough new technology we’ve recently identified…

Not only could this technology give car makers like Tesla the technology it needs to make full self-driving a reality…

And not only could it help revive Tesla’s stock price…

But as we’ll reveal here in the Crowdability newsletter next Wednesday, January 25th, it could also hand investors like you a massive profit opportunity…

In fact, our research shows that, thanks to this technology — and the tiny pre-IPO company behind it — you could pocket gains as high as 5,934%, and possibly far more.

So keep an eye on your inbox next week, you won’t want to miss this!

Happy investing.

Best Regards,



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