Five New Micro-Caps To Invest In Now

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Let me tell you the #1 reason Wayne and I recruited Lou Basenese to Crowdability:

He picks winners.

His track record over two decades is incredible. But lately, he’s been on fire…

Here are just a few of the winners he recently recommended to his premium readers:

  • Vaxart (VXRT) — up 755%
  • Altimmune (ALT) — up 973%
  • Novavax (NVAX) ­— up 1,058%

On average, his latest nine picks are up 403% each — and that’s in just the last 120 days.

But his ability to pick winners isn’t the only reason we recruited Lou. There’s also another reason.

Today, I’ll explain what it is…

And then I’ll show you how to get in on his next investment recommendations…

Unspoiled Opportunities

It might not be obvious at first, but Lou’s picks have something in common:

They’re all tiny “micro-cap” stocks.

Yesterday, Lou explained why he focuses on this little-known corner of the market…

As he shared, micro-caps represent an unspoiled opportunity for investors like you:

They enable you to get into high-potential stocks before the big Wall Street guys.

In other words, micro-caps represent a rare playing field where small investors like you actually have an advantage over Wall Street.

Furthermore, micro-caps dovetail perfectly with Crowdability’s strategy of investing in early-stage companies…

Getting in Early

You see, if you’re aiming to get exposure to companies with the greatest profit potential, you typically need to invest in private startups.

After all, startups give you the opportunity to get into the highest-growth companies early… while they’re still on the ground floor.

But if you have the ability to identify the right opportunities, you can also get this exposure by investing in publicly-traded micro-caps.

You see, just like private startups, public micro-caps:

  • Represent growth opportunities at their earliest stages.
  • Are valued in the tens of millions of dollars, instead of the billions.
  • Create products and services that are addressing enormous markets — and thus, if they succeed, they can deliver huge returns to their early investors.

To sum it up, micro-cap companies are like publicly-traded startups.

But compared to private startups, micro-caps offer a significant benefit:

Since they’re publicly traded, they’re liquid.

Here’s what I mean by that…

Cash — At the Snap of Your Fingers

If you need money to pay your mortgage or bills, you can turn your micro-cap investments into cash at the snap of your fingers.

Furthermore, this liquidity can set the stage for rapid increases in share prices:

You see, as soon as a micro-cap hits a big milestone, new investors pile in…

And because we’ve gotten in early, we can cash out our winnings at any time.

Best of all, if you have a brokerage account and as little as a few hundred dollars at your disposal, you can get involved with micro-caps quickly and easily.

Boost Your Returns — And Reduce Your Risk

In addition, by building a portfolio of micro-caps the “right way,” not only can you significantly boost your overall returns…

But you can also reduce your risk.

As a report from Wasatch Funds, a leading investment manager, summed things up:

“Based on a 25-year study… placing a portion of your equity allocation in micro cap stocks actually increased portfolio returns while simultaneously reducing portfolio volatility. This is a powerful finding.”

Powerful, indeed!

Five New Micro-Caps To Invest In Now

So, are you ready to get started with micro-caps?

Yesterday, Lou published his latest research report.

It contains all the details on five new micro-cap stocks that he’s recommending.

As Lou has explained, as we start to emerge from the current crisis, he expects these five stocks to soar 1,000% or more.

The fact is, there couldn’t be a better time to start investing in micro-cap stocks.

To learn how to get access to Lou’s report right away, just click here »

Happy Investing

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