For 1,000% Gains, I Eat My Own Cooking

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

I love having dinner with my 2-year-old son.

If he’s hesitant about something on his plate, I show him what he’s missing by eating it myself.

He stares at me, intrigued. I can see him thinking, “Hmm, if Daddy likes it, it must be good.”

I thought about this recently as I was catching up on my emails from Crowdability readers. You see, a bunch of people were asking me a similar question:

“You’re always advising us to invest in startups, and explaining that your minimum profit target on any deal is 1,000%. But which startups are you investing in?”

Essentially, just like my son, my readers want to know if I “eat my own cooking.”

So today, I thought I’d tell you about a few of the startup investments I’ve made…

And then, if you’re interested, I’ll show you how to invest right alongside me.

A Few of My Recent Investments

To kick things off, let’s look at a handful of my startup investments in med-tech/biotech. This sector is exploding with innovation today.

For example, I recently invested in InnaMed. InnaMed is developing a blood-testing device you can use at-home. Similar startups were once valued at $10 billion — and their technology didn’t even work! But this company’s tech has already been proven to work.

I also invested in Beta Bionics, which is creating a new type of medical device to treat diabetes.

Basically, it’s creating what it calls a “bionic pancreas.” On this one, I invested alongside biotech giants like Eli Lilly. If it can pull this off, Beta Bionics will save millions of lives — and for early investors, it could deliver massive returns.

I also invested in a healthcare startup that aims to provide better primary care by using Artificial Intelligence. It’s called Circle Medical. And with this one, I’ve already had an “exit” — this startup was already acquired by a bigger competitor.

Then there’s the cannabis sector, which is an exciting place to invest right now.

In this industry, I invested in a startup called HelloMD, an ecommerce company that’s aiming to be the Amazon of Cannabis. I also invested in LEAF, which has built a super-cool device that lets ordinary people grow cannabis at home.

And, of course, I also invest in a lot of tech companies.

For example, I invested in LiquidPiston, which is building the first new type of combustion engine in more than 85 years. It’s called the “X-Engine,” and it’s already landed about $9 million worth of contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense.

More recently, I’ve been investing in the new “Space Race.” Not rockets, per se, but startups like Solstar, which is building the first commercial Wi-Fi network for outer space.

More Every Day

At Crowdability, these are the types of deals we look at every day.

At the moment, we’re doing research on about ten new potential investments. For example, we’re looking at:

  • A biotech company creating an alternative to opioids.
  • A cybersecurity startup that’s created what’s basically a “vaccine,” so your computer doesn’t get hacked or infected.
  • A bunch of alternative protein startups — this is a very hot sector right now, with young companies like Beyond Meat already worth about $10 billion.
  • And we’re also looking at opportunities in online gaming, which is bigger than Hollywood nowadays.

And here’s the thing:

Not only could every startup I just mentioned potentially change the world…

But it could also make us a fortune.

That’s what’s so exciting about startup investing!

Are You Joining Us Today?

And if you’re joining me and Wayne for either of our online seminars today, you’ll learn how you can invest in deals like these right alongside us.

Specifically, I’m talking about the opportunity for you to invest in the same exact deals as us — at the same time, and on the same terms.

We hope to see you there!

Happy Investing.

Best Regards,



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