For the Biggest "Corona Profits," Focus on these 3 Sectors

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Tonight, we’ll be hosting perhaps the most important event in our company’s history.

Times are tough right now. It’s crucial to take steps to protect yourself from the coronavirus — and it’s crucial to protect your investment portfolio.

That’s why, tonight at 7pm Eastern, my colleague Lou Basenese will be explaining more about the nine trades he’s recommending.

He believes each of these trades could hand you triple- or even quadruple-digit profits.

And now, to get you prepared before tonight’s event, let me tell you about the three sectors these trades are in.

The Roadmap

Yes, the overall market is volatile and crashing.

But if you’ve been reading our newsletter, you know that certain stocks can soar during times like this. Today, I’ll introduce to the three sectors where we expect stocks to soar the highest.

You see, the world is following a clear coronavirus “roadmap” right now. And by investing in the companies that will benefit from this roadmap, you can position yourself for enormous profits.

The roadmap is simple: Testing, Treatment, and Vaccination.

Let me explain.


Without knowing who has the coronavirus, there’s no hope of containing it.

So at the moment, the most critical need is testing.

But as Dr. Rod Hochman confirmed recently (Hochman is CEO of Providence St. Joseph Health, which runs 51 hospitals and about 1,000 clinics), current testing capacity in the U.S. is “highly deficient” and “unacceptable."

But two recent changes have set the stage for a surge in testing… and a surge in the stocks of companies that are doing the testing:

First, $50 billion in federal money has just been released. A big chunk of those funds will be used to increase testing capabilities.

And second, the FDA will now be allowing U.S. states to authorize development of new tests.

Leveraging his background in biotech and healthcare investing, my colleague Lou Basenese dug into the research. His goal was to find the companies best positioned to take advantage of this opportunity

For example, he aimed to identify testing companies that:

  • Have adequate cash (at least $50 million) to build a BIG business around this quickly.
  • Already have a strong and established testing business as a foundation.
  • Already announced partnerships with enormous public healthcare systems.

Over the past few weeks, Lou has screened too many companies to mention.

But now he’s identified what he believes are the two best investments in the Testing sector.

His profit projections for the stocks of these companies? 236% and 328%, respectively.


After testing and confirmation of infection, the next step is treatment.

The thing is, there are many similarities between patients suffering from severe coronavirus infections, and from other types of viral infections.

The most significant similarity is inflammation, which can lead to respiratory failure, shock, and organ failure. These complications are often the reason patients die of COVID-19.

What’s needed is a solution to reduce the toxins from this inflammation dramatically.

And as Lou discovered, only one device has been approved to treat inflammation like this. Furthermore, the company behind it has already validated that its solution is applicable to treating coronavirus patients.

Lou’s profit projection for this company’s stock? 1,150%.


We need to do everything we can to slow the spread of coronavirus, and to treat it.

But there’s only one solution that can provide true immunity and protection for the future:

Anti-viral drugs and vaccines.

That’s why governments will be spending billions to accelerate their development.

Once again, Lou is leveraging his background in biotech to find the companies best positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. He’s identified vaccine-related companies that:

  • Landed a $5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Are starting a Phase 1 clinical trial in the second half of 2020.
  • Already completed the design and synthesis of a single-dose vaccine.

He’s identified the six companies he believes are best positioned to win.

And his profit projections for the stocks of these companies range from 383% to 1,022%.

Join us Tonight

So tonight, be sure to join us for our Coronavirus 2020 Briefing »

It takes place at 7:00 PM Eastern.

During this online event, Lou will tell you more about these three sectors at the heart of the coronavirus roadmap…

And he’ll also tell you more about the nine specific trades he’ll be recommending.

Remember, each of these trades could hand you triple- or even quadruple-digit profits.

For Crowdability members, the event is free to join. But you need to register in advance.

Click here now to lock in your spot »

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