Hate Your Cable Company? Meet the Upcoming Competition…

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, August 12, 2021

Some of America’s “Most Hated” companies could soon be in for a shock.

You see, these companies are at risk of their businesses evaporating overnight — and watching helplessly as billions of dollars in market value goes right down the tubes.

And while that’s certainly bad news for them…

As I’ll explain today, it could be great news for you!

This Monopoly is Ripe for Disruption

You’re probably wondering — who are these “hated” companies I’m referring to?

The answer is simple: your cable and internet providers!

If you’re like one-third of all Americans, you have just ONE option for your cable and internet service provider.

Or perhaps you’re one of the “lucky” ones who has a couple of choices. But both choices are pretty bad, and ultimately, you settle for the one that’s less bad.

That’s why so many Americans are fed up. In fact, it’s estimated that 8,500 customers “cut the cord” and cancel their cable service every day.

With all the hidden fees, unreliable service, and lack of choice, it seems there’s an enormous opportunity for a competitor to rise up…

The Perfect Competitor

However, in order to truly break the grip these companies have on Americans, a new competitor would need to have a few very important qualities:

  • First of all, it would need to be just as fast — if not faster — than current solutions.
  • Next, it would need to provide service for far less money than we’re paying currently.
  • And finally, it would need to be more stable and reliable than the spotty internet we’ve all become accustomed to.

Well, today, I’d like to introduce you to a tiny company that delivers on all these qualities.

Internet “From the Heavens”

This company has designed a powerful technology that finally makes fast, cheap, reliable internet a true possibility.

You see, instead of relying on old copper wires — or even new fiber-optic wires ­— this company could soon provide huge swaths of the world with an internet connection “from the heavens.”

In other words, Internet connectivity beamed down by satellites in space!

Such a development could mean fast, cheap, reliable internet for millions of Americans — and for billions of other consumers from around the world.

In fact, our estimates show that you could end up paying as little as $7 a month for high-speed satellite-based internet.

And since your connection isn’t dependent on plugging your computer or modem into a wall outlet, you could connect from anywhere — from your home, your car, even a plane flying at 30,000 feet.

If this company achieves what I think it could, this could finally spell the end for one of the most hated industries in America today…

And it could help consumers like you finally break free, cut the cord, and save thousands of dollars each year.

Furthermore, if you act quickly, it could soon help put even more money than that in your bank account. Let me explain…

Claim your Pre-IPO Stake Today

The tiny company behind this potential breakthrough isn’t publicly traded…

In other words, you can’t trade its shares through your regular brokerage account.

It’s still an early-stage private startup.

But here’s some good news:

My business partner, Matt Milner, recently discovered a way for you to potentially claim a stake in this company right now

Before it potentially goes public in an IPO.

And according to his forecasts, a single $100 investment in this company could hand investors profits of $48,750!

He recently put together a full research report on this opportunity. It reveals all the details behind this company, its technology, and how you could claim your stake in it today.

Click here to access this free research report now »

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