Holiday Flight Delays? Talk To These Guys

By Crowdability, on Friday, December 29, 2017

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New Discovery Provides Link To Aliens

Researchers in Antarctica just discovered a series of tiny marks in a frozen snowpack. The thing is, those marks couldn’t have been made by any creature known to man. And just like that, scientists realize there could be life on other planets. Here’s why »

The Deadliest App You’ll Ever Download

A new mobile app called WeCroak says it can help users find inner peace. But it doesn’t do so by sending uplifting messages or words of encouragement. Instead, it offers one simple reminder: “Don’t forget, you’re going to die.” Uh, thanks? »

[VIDEO] A New Live-Saving Device

Every year, nearly 100,000 people are injured or killed riding a motorcycle. But a start-up has developed a new type of helmet that not only protects your head — it also calls 911 in case you crash »

Time To Sell Your Amazon Shares?

Campbell’s soup has warmed countless bellies on snowy days, and provides the perfect complement to a grilled cheese sandwich. But now this soup maker is struggling — and it’s decided to take a radical approach to get its cans back in our pantries »

Holiday Flight Delays? Talk To These Guys

Lost bags, delayed flights, hostile passengers — yes, airline travel can be tough. To voice our complaints, many of us head to Twitter. Now it’s time to meet the people reading our tweets »


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