How 101 Investors Pocketed $1.38 Million EACH...

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

A few years ago, a bunch of regular investors like you took a shot on a new startup.

The startup didn’t look like much back then…

It had little more than a few employees and a big idea.

But it quickly blasted off — and today, those investors are sitting on profits of 600x their money. That’s a gain of 600,000%, enough to turn $1,500 into nearly $1 million.

Today, I’d like to explain what happened…

Then I’ll show you how you could grab some profits like that for yourself.

A Revolution

In 2016, an early-stage startup called Revolut needed some capital.

It was creating a banking app that would appeal to a younger demographic, and it needed money so it could hire more engineers.

But instead of turning to institutional investors, it decided to raise capital from regular people like you.

More specifically, it used a crowdfunding platform, just like the ones we point you to at Crowdability. These platforms connect ordinary investors with startups seeking funding.

And as it turns out, Revolut’s big idea was a good one…

A Quick 600x

With features like fee-free currency exchanges, stock trading, and peer-to-peer payments, Revolut’s app quickly became popular.

Today, it has more than 16 million users across 35+ countries, and it’s currently pursuing a bank charter in the U.S. that could help it expand even further.

And as reported by CNBC, it just reached a value of $33 billion.

That’s a 6x increase from the $5.5 billion the company was worth last year…

And a 600x increase from its value when investors like you got involved in 2015.

100+ Investors Are Now Worth More than $1.38 Million

Darren Westlake is CEO of the crowdfunding platform where Revolut first raised capital.

In an interview with Crowdfund Insider after Revolut reached this $33 billion milestone, Westlake called this moment “hugely exciting for the investors that backed Revolut…”

It’s hard to argue with him…

As he explained, more than 100 of those investors “now have shares worth over [$1.38 million], which represents a 600x increase in the value of their stake.”

Can you imagine?

Stop Imagining

Friends, while it’s true that gains like this don’t happen every day…

They happen far more frequently than you might imagine.

For example, here are a few well-known companies that raised capital from investors like you back when they were tiny startups:

  • Zenefits — where early investors enjoyed a 450x increase in value.
  • Cruise Automation — good for a 3,000x increase in value.
  • Uber — good for a 7,500x increase in value.

A 7,500x increase in value! That’s enough to turn $500 into $3.75 million.

And this list of “winners” goes on and on.

Isn’t time you started investing in startups yourself?

How To Get Started

To get started, first check out our free weekly “Deals” email. We mail this out every Monday at 11am EST, and it contains a handful of new startup deals for you to explore.

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Happy investing!

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