How to Make Money in Crappy Markets

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Stocks are getting crushed right now.

But surprisingly, a small group of investors is making money — a lot of money.

These investors aren’t shorting stocks. And they’re not trading options, either.

What they’re doing is far more straightforward.

Today, I’ll show you exactly what they’re doing, and I’ll give you the opportunity to join them.

This is the Secret

The secret is hiding in plain sight:

Get in early.

And no, I don’t mean investing when a company IPOs — in other words, the first time it offers its shares in the stock market.

I mean getting in before the IPO, while it’s still a private startup.

For example, look at a company called Nutanix (Nasdaq: NTNX).

After Nutanix went public, its stock went up less than 3%.

But if you’d gotten in while it was still a pre-IPO startup, you’d recently have been sitting on a 532% return.

Here’s another example, with a company called XPO Logistics (NYSE: XPO).

Even during a wild bull market, when it seemed like just about every stock was going through the roof, if you’d invested in XPO’s IPO, you’d only have earned a 71% return.

But meanwhile, if you’d gotten in while XPO Logistics was still a pre-IPO startup, you could’ve earned a return of 6,900%.

And check this next one out...

Make Money Even When Stocks Go DOWN

Even when the entire market falls apart like it’s doing today, or when a specific stock gets crushed because of bad performance, pre-IPO investors can still make a fortune.

For example, look at a company named New Relic (NYSE: NEWR).

If you’d invested in New Relic’s IPO, you’d soon have lost 23.4% of your investment.

Meanwhile, if you’d gotten in while it was still a pre-IPO startup, you could’ve earned a profit of 528%.

The Private Markets

Investing in pre-IPO startups can be a way to make money — a lot of money — even when the entire market is crashing.

And again, this has nothing to do with shorting stocks or trading options.

But as Wayne warned you about last week, the private markets don’t come without risk. If you try to invest in this new market on your own, you could get hurt.

But that’s why — if you haven’t done so already — we’re giving you the chance to make your first private market investment right now.

And the best part is, Wayne and I will be there to hold your hand every step of the way…

Join Us for the Chance to Pocket Gains of 6,636%

You see, there’s a new private investment we’re making.

And we’ve prepared this detailed presentation so you can review it yourself and see if it’s right for you.

This startup could dominate a red-hot $1.3 trillion industry…

And potentially, it could hand its pre-IPO startup investors gains as high as 6,636%.

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Happy Investing

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