IPO Alert: 100,000% Gains!?

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Ever had a 10-bagger before?

In other words, a single investment that returned 10x your money?

How about a 1,000-bagger? That’s enough to turn a tiny investment of $500 into half-a-million dollars.

Or what about a 100,000-bagger? That would turn $500 into $50 million.

Gains like these might seem insane. Impossible.

And while it’s true they don’t happen often, they’re happening right now.

And I’m about to tell you where to find them.

Something in the Air

To set the stage here, let’s rewind the clock to yesterday morning…

That’s when tech startup Airbnb filed paperwork to go public.

As you might know, Airbnb is an online marketplace. It helps ordinary people like us make extra income by renting out our properties or spare rooms to guests.

Initially, it seemed like an odd idea. But today, it features over 7 million listings around the world. It’s even thrived amidst the coronavirus, as more people book quick escapes close to home.

Airbnb expects to go public later this month at a valuation of about $35 billion. At that level, it would be more valuable than global hotel chains like Hilton.

And for the startup investors who got in years ago, back when Airbnb was just an “odd” little company at the ground floor, this IPO will create a windfall of profits:

10x returns…

1,000x returns…

And yes — even estimated returns of 100,000x.

Here’s How to Snag a 100,000-Bagger

One of Airbnb’s earliest investors is named Paul Graham — but at first blush, he was not impressed with the startup’s business prospects.

In fact, according to Wired Magazine, when Airbnb’s founders pitched him their idea, Graham’s first question was, “People are actually doing this? Why? What’s wrong with them?”

But when he learned about the founders’ determination to succeed, he started changing his mind. “Wow,” he said. “You guys are like cockroaches. You just won’t die.”

And that’s why, in 2009, he plunked down $20,000 in exchange for 6% of the company.

At Airbnb’s expected IPO valuation of $35 billion, a 6% stake would be worth about $2.1 billion.

That’s like turning $20,000 into $2.1 billion…

A 100,000-bagger.

This Is Your Shot

So if the stock market’s average annual returns of about 6% aren’t getting you where you need to go…

And if you’re fed up with the pathetic 0% interest rates you can earn with savings accounts or bonds…

Consider an alternative:


Sure, some of them might seem “odd” when you first learn about them…

And sure, some of them won’t work out — so you need to invest in many of them over time so you can minimize your risk and give yourself a shot at snagging a big winner…

But if you’re looking to turn a tiny starting stake into something that could actually be life-changing, this is your shot.

Happy Investing

Best Regards,



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