Make 99x Your Money… Without Touching Stocks

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Do you trust the stock market with your cash?

Long-term, sure I do. But short-term, no way.

The S&P is up double-digits since mid-June…

But now everyone from BlackRock to Morgan Stanley to Jeremy Grantham (who called the 2000 and 2008 crashes) expects the next move to be down, down, down.

So if you’re looking for the potential to make big returns — meaning 10x or even 100x your money — where can you turn?

Today I’ll show you exactly where.

When Stocks “Zig,” Find Investments that “Zag”

Traditionally, when investors get worried about the stock market, they shift money into bonds.

But with interest rates (still) near all-time lows, bonds are a terrible investment right now.

But a different investment is providing an excellent alternative. Not only is it uncorrelated to the stock market (so when the market zigs, this investment can zag)…

But it can also provide you with potential profits that crush the stock market.

The investment I’m referring to? Startups.

Here’s the Secret...

If you’re a regular reader of Crowdability, you know that, historically, startup investing — also called private equity — has trounced the stock market:

According to Cambridge Associates, an investment firm with clients like Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation, over the last 25 years, early-stage private equity has generated average annual returns of 55% per year. And that includes the winners and the losers.

55% is nearly 10x higher than the stock market average. At 55%, in 10 years, an investment of $10,000 would turn into more than $800,000.

Historically, investors like you were prohibited from this type of investing. Only the wealthy were allowed to take advantage of it. But the laws recently changed. Now anyone can invest.

A new type of website makes the process of investing in startups incredibly simple. Today there are dozens of these sites, including Republic, WeFunder, and SeedInvest.

Obviously, not every startup investment is going to be a winner. That’s why building a portfolio of startups is so important. But today, I thought I’d share a few recent winners from one of the sites I just mentioned, SeedInvest:

Heliogen: Heliogen is a renewable energy-tech company. It IPO’d last year (NYSE: HLGN) at a valuation of $2 billion, giving its early SeedInvest investors a potential profit of 99x. That’s enough to turn $1,000 into $100,000.

Knightscope: This is a security and robotics company. Its 2022 IPO (Nasdaq: KSCP) gave investors on SeedInvest a potential profit north of 50%.

Trust Stamp: Trust Stamp focuses on biometrics. Its IPO (Nasdaq: IDAI) gave its SeedInvest investors a potential profit approaching 100%.

3 Market-Beating Trades for August?

New deals pop up every day. Here are a few interesting ones currently on SeedInvest:

Really Good Boxed Wine: Really Good Boxed Wine makes high-end wine using packaging that costs 10x less, and keeps wine fresh up to 6 weeks after opening. The result is high-end boxed wine that costs ~50% less than it would in a bottle.

Cytonics is a biopharmaceutical company that’s created proprietary therapies to treat — and even reverse the damage from — osteoarthritis. The company is approaching human clinical trials and is raising capital to complete a Phase 1 study.

HALO is a premium hydration products company focused on healthy hydration. Its product has 10x less sugar than the leading brands. It’s available at Walmart, and its investors and ambassadors include tennis champion Andy Murray and Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams' coach for 10 years.

Make 99x Your Money… Without Touching Stocks

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of sites that feature startup deals that anyone can invest in — far too many sites to keep track of yourself.

That’s why Crowdability’s proprietary software automatically gathers only the best deals from the best platforms.

This is a free service we offer…

And you can see those deals here anytime »

Happy Investing!

Please note: Crowdability has no relationship with any of the startups we write about. We’re an independent provider of education and research on startups and alternative investments.

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