Make America WORK Again

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

It’s a vicious circle.

As Wayne and I explained in our columns last week:

  • Because of Covid-19, unemployment is going through the roof…
  • Because people aren’t working, they’re not spending money…
  • And because people aren’t spending money, companies are going out of business — which in turn, creates more unemployment.

So today I’m going to explain how we can get out of this mess.

And then we’ll start to show you how to profit from it.

Getting People Back to Work — No Matter What

No matter what happens with a Covid-19 vaccine…

No matter what happens with the government’s next stimulus package…

No matter who wins the election in November…

We can’t keep the country shut down. The longer it’s shut down, the worse things get. We’ve got to break this circle.

The thing is, the way to break the circle is simple: we’ve got to get people back to work.

So now let me tell you the three things needed to make that happen…

And then we can start looking at how to profit from all this.

#1: Testing

Step 1 is testing.

Only by testing for Covid-19 can we identify and treat those who’ve been infected, and isolate them to prevent further spreading.

Testing also helps us determine who’s already had the disease and is now immune…

People with immunity can work in essential settings such as health care. They can also work in “non-essential” settings such as commercial enterprises.

Bottom line: only by testing can we loosen stay-at-home orders and get people back to work.

#2: Creating a Safe Work Environment

But even with testing, many people are still afraid to return to the office.

After all, if someone there has been infected, it might not be safe.

Hand sanitizers, spacing between desks, working in shifts — it all helps.

But what’s needed to create a truly safe work environment is this:

A way to stop the coronavirus from spreading indoors entirely. That way, even if someone in your office is infected, you’d be protected.

Only then will workers feel safe enough to embrace returning to the office…

And only then can they get back to work and get the economy going again.

#3: Enabling Remote Work

But some workers don’t have an office.

Such workers are considered “deskless” — and according to the venture firm Emergence, there are 2.7 billion of them, roughly 80% of the world’s workforce.

Many of them are repairmen and construction workers. Others are part of the on-demand economy: they deliver packages, or assemble cabinets from Ikea, or walk dogs.

But today, as more and more of us are forced to work from home indefinitely, all of us have become deskless workers.

The thing is, just because you don’t have a desk doesn’t mean you don’t need access to critical info. What’s needed is a new type of technology platform — a platform that can connect deskless workers to everything they need to do their job…

Not just information and data, but sales tools, communication tools, and insights.

That way, even if we’re not going back to an official “office,” we can still get back to work!

Three Solutions to Get Back to Work — and to Profit!

If we can find solutions to these three challenges — testing, creating a safe work environment, and enabling remote work — then we can get our economy going again.

This is the critical task in front of us.

The thing is, identifying these solutions is extraordinarily challenging.

And as Wayne will explain tomorrow, we can’t rely on the government or even on “big pharma” to solve these problems for us.

In fact, there’s only one place you can find these solutions…

And tomorrow, Wayne will reveal where it is!

So stay tuned…

Best Regards,



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