Make Money Getting Drunk

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Santé! Cin cin! Proost!

There are dozens of different ways to say “Cheers!” — but for most of us, they all lead to the same condition:

A hangover.

But thanks to a new startup, now you can drink to your heart’s delight and wake up feeling like a million bucks…

And maybe you could even make a million bucks at the same time.

Let me explain…

The Ugly Science of Hangovers

Globally, one of the most popular alcoholic beverages is wine.

In the U.S. alone, it’s a $66 billion market.

But it’s estimated that 43% of U.S. wine drinkers (that’s 36 million people) suffer side effects like headaches, congestion, and upset stomach — in short, they get a hangover.

The thing is, these side effects aren’t necessarily caused by alcohol…

Instead, they’re caused by the histamines and sulfites found in all red, white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

But what if those components could be removed?

Introducing: PureWine

That’s exactly what a new startup called PureWine is doing.

Essentially, its technology filters out the four kinds of “biogenic amines” (histamine, putrescine, cadaverine, and tyramine) and the two kinds of sulfites (free and total sulfites) that cause hangovers…

While leaving untouched all the tastes and characteristics that make wine such a pleasure to drink.

As one of PureWine’s founders said, “We could see that our filtration was working, but when we tried that big, bold Cab and it tasted just like it does in the tasting room in Napa, we knew we had it.”

The Product 

PureWine currently markets two products:

The Wand, which filters a single glass of wine and costs about $2 at retail…

And the Wave, which filters an entire bottle of wine and costs $9.99 at retail.

Here’s what the two products look like:




Founded in 2016, PureWine has made quick progress:

  • It currently sells its products in major retailers including Total Wine, Bed Bath & Beyond, and World Market.
  • 2017 sales reached nearly $1 million, up 200% from 2016.
  • And the company holds five U.S. & international patents, including one on its “NanoPore” filtration technology.

But now that it’s found its footing, it’s looking to grow…

The Future

PureWine has created a plan aimed at significant growth.

It starts with the launch of a new product this year:

It’s a disposable filter that fits into a permanent aerator. The aerator sells for $40, while each cartridge sells for $4. This is the classic “razor/razor blades” business model that encourages repeat sales.

In addition, PureWine plans to develop new filtration products tailored for beer and spirits.

Finally, the company plans to license its technologies to wine producers, so they can filter out hangover-causing ingredients prior to bottling.

Based on these initiatives, the company believes it can reach annual revenues of $73 million in five years…

But to do so, it needs some growth capital today. Specifically, it’s raising $1.5 million from investors like you, with a minimum investment of $1,000.

Should you consider an investment?

Pros and Cons of an Investment

On the “pro” side:

PureWine has created what seems to be a proven “cure” for hangovers…

Consumers are already buying its products…

And given the size of the opportunity, PureWine could realistically became an acquisition target by a wine and spirits company like Diageo (OTCMKTS: DGEAF), a food and beverage company, or a health and wellness company.

On the “con” side, this is the type of startup that will eventually need millions of dollars in funding, and that makes it a riskier investment.

After all, this isn’t an efficient software company…

It’s a consumer goods company with a physical product — the type of product that needs to be built in factories, warehoused, and shipped.

Furthermore, the minimum investment is $1,000, which is relatively high.

But if that doesn’t scare you off, why not dig into this opportunity further?

To learn more about PureWine and potentially invest, click here »

Happy Investing

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