One Simple Trick for Making a Fortune During a Crisis

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, July 16, 2020

Yesterday, Matt showed you how we helped our readers navigate the first few months of the coronavirus crisis.

Specifically, he showed you a few of the investment recommendations that our colleague Lou Basenese made in March.

You see, as it turns out, all nine of Lou’s picks have been winners:

The average gain for his picks is 399%... and several are up close to 1,000%.

But what Matt didn’t explain yesterday was how Lou identified those trades…

In other words, how did Lou know those specific stocks would soar by anywhere from 100% to nearly 1,000% in just 100 days?

Well, that’s what I’ll cover here today!

Why Most Investors Don’t Make Money in the Market

When the market crashes, most investors take the “ostrich approach.”

They stick their head in the sand, tune out the news, and pray the worst will soon be over.

But since you subscribe to this newsletter, I doubt you’re like most investors.

You likely know that crashes shouldn’t be viewed as a problem, but rather as an opportunity.

That’s because, when the market drops, you can get into good stocks more cheaply than ever…

And when they recover, you’ll be in position to earn bigger profits than ever!

But how do you know which stocks to invest in?

Simple Trick for Making a Fortune During a Crisis

To explain, let’s look at Lou’s trades that Matt went over yesterday:

  • Novavax (NVAX)
  • Vaxart (VXRT)
  • Altimmune (ALT)

Based on their names, can you guess what these three trades have in common?

I’ll tell you: They’re all developing vaccines for the coronavirus.

And this is one of the key ways to earn a fortune during a crisis:

Invest in the companies aiming to solve the crisis!

For example, during the 2008 financial crisis, you could have earned a fortune simply by investing in our country’s strongest financial institutions.

Not only were they focused on fixing the crisis (a crisis they helped create, by the way!)…

But as smart investors knew, the healthiest financial institutions weren’t in trouble at all.

Sure, their stocks crashed right along with the rest of the market…

But that just gave you the opportunity to get in cheaply — and then cash out for big gains later.

For example, JPMorgan Chase (JPM) shot up from its post-crash low of $15.93 to $46…

That’s a ~300% gain in just seven months!

The Single Most Profitable Trading Day Ever

This explains why, when the coronavirus crisis took hold, we wrote you with a strong recommendation:

Invest in companies focused on coronavirus “Testing, Treatment, and Vaccination.”

Lou soon made nine stock recommendations in these 3 sectors.

And as I mentioned earlier, in just a few months, every one of them has delivered huge gains.

In fact, here’s a quick excerpt from the “profit alert” he sent to his subscribers last week — an alert titled “The Single Most Profitable Trading Day Ever.”

  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 575% gain.
  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 100% gain.
  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 240% gain.
  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 345% gain.
  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 225% gain.
  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 675% gain.
  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 200% gain.
  • Sell ████ to lock in at least a 380% gain.

Sorry I had to hide the names — but many are still open positions, and that information is only available for Lou’s premium readers.

But if you subscribe to Lou’s premium service, you already know the names — and you already know the profits they delivered!

Make Even More from This Crisis

But if you didn’t get a shot at those gains, not to worry…

You see, Lou has plenty of other ways for you to profit from the coronavirus crisis…

That’s because, as he’ll explain in his article next Tuesday, this crisis isn’t over yet.

Not only is it expected to last longer than originally expected…

But stock prices could drop even further than they did in March…

Look at it as an Opportunity!

So this time, instead of looking at this situation as a problem

Look at it as an opportunity

Not only could this be your chance to make up for any losses from 2020…

But it could be your chance to earn more money than you ever thought possible!

So stay tuned… and keep your eyes peeled for Lou’s issue next Tuesday.

Happy investing.

Best Regards,



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