PERFECT timing for this overlooked investment...

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, October 8, 2020

Have you looked under your mattress lately?

What you’ll find there might surprise you: $4 trillion.

You see, stock market volatility is leading many investors to sit on the sidelines.

That’s why CNBC says $4 trillion is sitting in money market accounts right now — which is like keeping cash under your mattress.

But stock market investors aren’t the only ones sitting on the sidelines. A second set of investors is sitting there, too.

And as you’re about to learn, this could mean a buying opportunity for you…

And a major profit opportunity.

A Decline of 71% — Great News for You

You see, all those stock market investors sitting on the sidelines right now are being joined by a new group:

Private market investors.

To see what I mean, look at this chart from research company CB Insights…

This chart shows the number of new private deals funded by professional startup investors.

The data go back five years. And as you can see, after the pandemic hit in 2020, the number of new deals fell off a cliff:

They dropped by a whopping 71%!

Many people would look at this data and think it’s bad news…

But for investors like you, it’s GREAT news…

Overlooked Investment Opportunities

When professional private-market investors “sit on the sidelines,” it’s not because they aren’t interested in investing in new deals…

It’s because, when the markets and economy get volatile, they need to stockpile capital for their existing startup investments…

In other words, they use their capital to keep their current portfolio of startups in business.

That’s why they make fewer investments into new deals, or make no new investments at all.

But that’s what creates an opportunity for investors like you

You see, when professional investors are forced to step back, that creates an opportunity for investors like you to step forward — and capture massive gains!

Big Problems, Big Profits

Think about it…

Legacy corporations are weighed down by outdated technologies and a bloated staff. They’re drowning right now.

Meanwhile, lean startups using cutting-edge technologies are nimble.

That’s why they’re able to pioneer solutions for today’s most pressing problems —

From climate change

To remote work

To reimagining the financial system.

And again, because professional investors aren’t able to invest in all these new opportunities, these startups are looking for capital elsewhere…

More specifically, they’re raising money online, from individual investors like you!

And that’s where Crowdability can help…

How Crowdability Can Help

You see, Matt and I founded Crowdability six years ago with one mission in mind:

To help individual investors like you profit from the private markets.

We’ve developed a suite of research and educational services to help make private-market investing easy for you, and hopefully, very profitable.

If you haven’t checked out our free resources yet, you can find them here »

Happy investing!

Best Regards,



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