Rare 13,233% Profit Opportunity: The "Real" Theranos

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Last week, Wayne revealed the “bright side” of the Theranos scam:

For investors like us, it proved that a tiny blood-testing business could be worth a fortune. After all, Theranos rose to a valuation of $9 billion.

And that’s why we’re so excited about a new investment opportunity…

This company is targeting the same market as Theranos. But instead of smoke and mirrors, this company’s technology is 100% legitimate.

We believe investors could potentially earn returns of 13,233% — and perhaps even more.

Let me explain…

The Real Theranos

Blood tests are one of the most important tools doctors have to assess health.

That’s why 70% of clinical medical decisions require a blood test, and why the blood-testing market is worth $60 billion.

But current lab tests are expensive and wildly inefficient. And that explains why the potential for Theranos was so great — and explains its $9 billion valuation!

But now we’ve identified a med-tech company we’re calling “The Real Theranos.”

This company has created an at-home blood-testing device that enables doctors to diagnose and treat patients remotely. And here’s the best part:

Its technology works.

In fact, as we dig into the company more deeply, its legitimacy just keeps growing…

First of All: Domain Experience

As Wayne explained last week, “domain experience” refers to a company’s leadership having direct and relevant experience.

The Theranos team had virtually no direct and relevant experience.

In contrast, the company we’ll be investing in has a team with extraordinary experience in medicine, blood-testing, technology, and even entrepreneurship.

The CEO’s prior med-tech companies were acquired for more than $1 billion. And the rest of the team includes medical researchers, healthcare executives, even veterans of the FDA.

For a med-tech company focused on blood-testing, this is the “dream team.”

Secondly: Proven Traction

Traction is a way to describe measurable progress.

Theranos didn’t have any traction. Its technology was never proven, it never generated sales, and it never received FDA approval.

In contrast, the company we’ll be investing in has already had its technology clinically validated, patented, and written about in independent peer-reviewed journals.

Furthermore, it’s already started the FDA clearance process, and has a rock-solid understanding of how to make it across the finish line.

Lastly: A Simple Plan for Success

From the outset, Theranos was trying to tackle virtually every disease under the sun.

That’s no way to build a business.

The more typical path to success involves building a simple product, for a single market.

And that’s exactly what the company we’ll be investing in is doing:

It’s starting with one specific market, and expanding from there.

Special Investor Briefing Next Week…

All this explains why we believe investors in this opportunity could potentially earn returns of 13,233%.

That’s enough to turn $1,000 into more than $130,000.

But if this company reaches the value of Theranos — and given its progress thus far, it certainly could — that $1,000 could potentially turn into $750,000.

You need to get all the details ASAP, so you can decide for yourself whether to invest.

And that’s why we’ve decided to host a special Investor Briefing about this opportunity.

Because you’re a Crowdability reader, this event is free, but space is extremely limited.

To secure your spot, click here now »

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