Shockingly Accurate Chart Pattern: "The Crypto Cross"

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, July 19, 2018

A major rally is brewing…

This crypto bear market is about to turn into a raging bull — and when it does, "in-the-know" investors are going to make a killing.

Wondering why we're so convinced the market is about to rocket higher?

It’s all thanks to a shockingly accurate chart pattern we recently uncovered…

Something we call "The Crypto Cross."

Profit Predictor

The Crypto Cross is one of the most accurate chart patterns we've ever identified...

It’s predicted nearly every major crypto downturn — and nearly every major recovery — for the past seven years.


But before I explain how it works — and before I show you why we expect it to lead crypto investors like you and me to huge returns — let me reveal why it's so powerful…

Get Ready for a "Crypto Tsunami"

Have you ever seen a picture or a video of a tsunami?


Tsunamis are massive tidal waves. They can commonly reach more than 100 feet high, and in 1958, a tsunami near the Gulf of Alaska reached 1,720 feet.

For years, it was thought to be impossible to determine how powerful a tsunami would be before it struck land. But as it turns out, there’s an “indicator” that provides a clear signal:

The further the shoreline has receded, the bigger the tsunami will be. 

You see, before a tsunami hits land, it gathers up water and energy starting at the shoreline. So if you were standing at the shoreline when a major tsunami was taking shape, it might look like the water had dried up for miles.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you about tsunamis. The answer is simple:

It’s because they’re very similar to bear market rebounds…

The Bigger the Pullback, The Greater the Profits

You see, just like a tsunami, the further that prices retreat during a bear market, the greater the profits you can earn when the market finally rebounds.

For example, let's say the price of a crypto falls from $100 to $20.

That's an 80% loss… but if you invest at $20 and it gets back to breakeven at $100, you’ll make far more than 80% — you’ll make 500%.

And that's why The Crypto Cross indicator is so powerful…

It tells you exactly when the market is set to rebound — and helps you earn the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Big Gains, Fast!

To explain what I mean, and to show you how accurate The Crypto Cross is, let me show you a real-world example.

Last September, The Crypto Cross signaled that the crypto market was about to drop. The official signal hit on September 11th, when Bitcoin was trading for about $4,300.

Then — boom! — within a few days, Bitcoin plummeted to $2,975, for a 32% loss.

The price of Bitcoin then drifted for a couple weeks. But two weeks later, on September 27th, The Crypto Cross triggered again, indicating a massive rally…

If you’d bought Bitcoin that day, you’d have gotten in for about $3,800 — and just a few days later, Bitcoin recovered to about $4,300, delivering a quick 13% profit.

The thing is, The Crypto Cross generally signals major market moves (moves of 30% or more), so based on this indicator, more profits were in store. And in fact, by December, when The Crypto Cross signaled that the rally was over, Bitcoin had rocketed to $16,490.

So if you’d purchased Bitcoin on the bullish Crypto Cross signal, and sold on the bearish signal, in just two months, you’d have made about 434%.

That's like turning $5,000 into $21,000 in 60 days.

Even Bigger Profits

But to be clear, you could have earned far more than that.

You see, there are more than 1,600 cryptos in the market, and most of them move in the same direction as Bitcoin:

If Bitcoin is up, they’re up. And if Bitcoin is down, they're down.

But because they trade at far lower prices than Bitcoin, their price moves tend to be faster and more exaggerated… so they can hand investors even bigger profits in less time.

And here's the most exciting part about all of this:

For the first time in months, The Crypto Cross is on the verge of issuing a buy signal.

In other words, the crypto bear market is about to come to an end — and when it does, investors who know where to invest could earn a fortune.

Which is why, as a member of Crypto Fortunes, you’ll soon receive not one, but two in-depth investment research reports…

The first one will contain a brand new crypto recommendation that could help you earn enormous returns as the market rallies…

And the second report will contain a summary of existing Crypto Fortunes positions you should invest in — or “double down” on — right now

Simply put, these are the positions that stand to benefit the most as the crypto market turns around.

So stay tuned…

And happy investing!

Best Regards,



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