The "Buffett Indicator" is Flashing Red

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, April 16, 2020

Warren Buffett’s timing is extraordinary.

He’s amassed a $76.1 billion fortune by predicting when stocks are undervalued, and when they’re overvalued and poised for a crash.

How does he do it? Well, as I’ll show you today, he uses a simple tool.

Investors call it “The Buffett Indicator” — and it’s flashing red right now.

If you don’t act immediately, this could mean disaster for your portfolio.

The Single Best Measure

For decades, Buffett has relied on this indicator to make major market decisions.

In a Fortune Magazine interview, Buffett said it’s “probably the best single measure of where valuations stand at any given moment.

To see what I mean, take a look at this image:

This is a chart of The Buffett indicator…

As you can see, it’s successfully predicted every major crash in recent history.

Essentially, once this indicator crosses a certain threshold, the market is set to crash.

So when it recently crossed that threshold, Matt and I jumped into action…

Crash-Proof Your Portfolio

You see, even though it was the coronavirus that popped the proverbial market bubble, we saw this crash coming months ago…

As the market soared higher over the past decade, we knew a correction would come.

But we didn’t want to make that call until we were absolutely certain. After all, when a bull market is galloping along, not much can slow it down.

However, when The Buffett Indicator began “flashing red” late last year, we knew things were about to change.

Which is when we embarked on an ambitious project…

Invest Like a “One-Percenter”

Our goal with this project was simple:

To help our clients protect their portfolios during the market crash The Buffett Indicator was forecasting.

As we analyzed the details of previous market crashes, we discovered something remarkable…

While most investors suffered huge losses during market meltdowns, a small group of wealthy elites not only survived, but thrived.

Which is why we spent so much time researching their unique investment strategies. And what we discovered could change how you invest forever…

You see, during past downturns, these wealthy “one-percenters” leveraged a small handful of very specific investments…

And these investments not only allowed them to protect their wealth…

But also to grow it.

“Crash-Proof Cash Flow”

And next Thursday, April 23rd, Matt and I will reveal five of these strategies during a special Investor Briefing (click here to learn more)…

As you’ll learn, each of these strategies could help you collect consistent cash payments, month after month, just like clockwork.

I’m talking about monthly checks for $1,447... $2,553... and even $5,211.

And the best part is, this event is 100% free for Crowdability readers.

Click here now to lock in your spot »


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