The "Google Killer" (How to Profit)

By Matthew Milner, on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

If often seems like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are unstoppable.

These three giants accounted for an estimated 65% of U.S. digital ad spending last year — and for the companies and their shareholders, that led to billions in profits.

But recently, the “dirty little secret” about how they actually earn these profits has come to light. And as you’re about to learn, this secret might make you furious.

But there’s also some good news here, especially for investors:

You see, by betting on a new competitor, not only could you take revenge on companies like Google — but you could also earn life-changing profits.

Internet Advertising’s Dirty Little Secret

As you might know, companies like Google and Facebook help brands put their ads in front of billions of people across the world.

That’s why, each time you log into Facebook, or search for something on Google, you see ads.

But these ads aren’t random. On the contrary, they’re specifically targeted to YOU.

You see, for every user that comes into contact with their websites, Google and Facebook harvest millions of data points. For example, they collect data about the sites you visit, the products you buy, and the links and stories you click on.

Then they use this data to serve up ads that have the highest likelihood of catching your attention. And because these ads are so well-targeted — and ultimately, so effective — Google and Facebook earn billions of dollars in profits.

All of this happens behind the scenes, without your direct knowledge. But now this “dirty little secret” is coming to light...

Google’s Achilles Heel

Because of recent media coverage and some high-profile Congressional hearings, consumers are finally becoming aware of how these companies take advantage of them to earn billions.

This awareness makes these companies extremely vulnerable — and for one tiny tech company, it’s creating a massive opportunity.

As you’ll see, not only could this company help you protect your personal data, but it could also take significant market share away from Google…

And furthermore, it could put some serious profits in your pocket!

A Brave New World

The company I’m referring to is called Brave Software.

Brave’s main product is a new type of web browser. Similar to browsers like Chrome or Safari, Brave gives consumers an easy way to explore the web — but with one BIG difference:

Brave prevents advertisers from collecting your personal information or showing you intrusive ads. In fact, it blocks them completely…

Or more accurately, it blocks ads unless you agree to share your information and see them.

You see, with Brave, you’re in control of your browsing experience. You decide if you’d like to allow companies to show you their ads.

And if you agree to have ads displayed, Brave will reward you for it!

In other words, while Google and Facebook pocket billions in profits by leveraging your personal data (without giving you a penny)

Brave gives you a financial reward every time you view an ad.

This reward comes in the form of a crypto token called The Basic Attention Token (BAT), which can be converted into bitcoin or dollars.

Basically, Brave gives consumers control and compensation…

And that helps explain why it’s exploded in popularity recently.

Making Bold, Brave Moves

According to the company, over the past year, Brave’s monthly users have jumped from about 11 million to over 26 million.

On top of that, the company has made some recent moves that should increase its popularity even further — and increase the threat it presents to companies like Google.

You see, the company recently announced that, in addition to its web browser, it will soon be launching its own search engine.

Since more than 50% of Google’s revenue comes from its search advertising business, this is a direct threat to the status quo.

Given Brave’s momentum, I expect to see rapid growth in its user base in the coming months and years.

And as you’ll see, this growth could offer you multiple ways to profit…

How to Play Brave

For starters, you can visit the Brave website here and download the Brave browser.

Then, as you browse the web, you can earn BAT tokens. Again, these tokens can be converted into bitcoin, which can be converted into dollars.

Basically, you’ll be earning “free” money for doing something you do anyway.

But there’s also another way to play Brave. And that’s by investing in BAT tokens directly.

As Brave continues to grow, so too should its token price. In fact, over the past 12 months, BAT’s price has jumped by 421%. And I believe there’s more upside potential here…

Remember, Brave has just 26 million users, while Google Chrome has billions. This gives Brave a lot more room to grow — and it gives BAT a lot more upside potential.

Are You Joining Us Tomorrow?

To be clear, investing in tokens like BAT is risky. In general, cryptos are highly volatile.

So if you’re interested in trading BAT, please do your research, and be sure to only allocate a very small portion of your overall portfolio to it.

Meanwhile, if you’re joining us tomorrow for our special 13x Crypto Briefing, get ready:

You’re about to learn far more about this market from top crypto expert Nathan Batchelor…

And you’ll also learn about Batchelor’s 3 Top Crypto Picks for 2021!

Happy investing.

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