The Real Secret to Successful Investing

By Wayne Mulligan, on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Whether you’re talking about investing in the stock market...

Investing in startups...

Or even founding your own startup…

One simple rule can help you identify the opportunities with the most profit potential...

In the Beginning...

Several years ago, right when Matt and I decided to launch Crowdability, we spent some time visiting our most respected business contacts…

Basically, we wanted to tell them about our new project (i.e., Crowdability) and get their feedback.

We had run successful startups before — in fact, our two most recent ventures had been acquired in multi-million-dollar transactions.

So, we assumed that everyone would be thrilled about our new venture.

But that’s not what happened. Not even close.

The truth is, most people we spoke to thought we were crazy:

They told us that Congress and the SEC would never allow folks like you to invest in startups…

And they said ordinary folks wouldn’t be interested in “alternative” investments anyway.

This feedback would have dashed the hopes of most entrepreneurs.

But we decided to start Crowdability anyway — and here’s why...

Going Against the Grain

If you study the most successful people in any field (including the most successful investors), you’ll find they share a common attribute:

They’re comfortable “going against the grain.”

Basically, they’re able to ignore everyone else and take a path that’s unconventional, or even contrarian.

And they’re able to do so with great confidence.

That’s because they understand a simple concept I hope you start to understand today:

If you continue to do what everyone else is doing, it’s nearly impossible to be successful…

Because, by definition, if you do what everyone else is doing, you’re limiting yourself to being “average.”

An Average Investor

As an investor, if you’re satisfied with “average” returns, here’s what you should do:

Cancel all your newsletter subscriptions, close your accounts with your financial advisors, and invest in low-cost index funds.

If you do that, over time, you’re likely to earn about 6% per year. That’s the long-term market average.

If you’re lucky, that’ll provide you with enough to retire in 40 or 50 years.

But if you want to retire earlier than that — or if you want to earn real wealth — you need to go against the grain:

You need to look for opportunities in places where other people aren’t.

You need to be unconventional… contrarian.

For example, when everyone is bullish, you should be looking for bearish opportunities...

When everyone's jumping into stocks, maybe it’s time to look at Real Estate...

And when everyone’s hot on Real Estate, it’s probably time to get out.

Like Warren Buffett says, “You have to be fearful when everyone else is greedy, and greedy when everyone else is fearful.”

That’s Why We Ignored Our Friends

And this is precisely why Matt and I felt so confident moving forward with Crowdability.

If everyone had thought Crowdability sounded like a great idea, we would have been worried. After all, that would have indicated that other people were probably thinking of starting similar businesses.

And if that were the case, we would have been in for some fierce competition right away.

Well, it’s a few years later now — and things sure do look different:

Congress passed a series of laws encouraging investors like you to invest in startups…

And it seems like the whole world is finally catching onto the profit potential of early-stage investing.

But our willingness to go against the grain gave us a great head-start:

Very quickly, more than 100,000 subscribers like you joined Crowdability to learn about the private markets…

So not only was Crowdability the first research company focused on helping individual investors profit from this emerging market…

But now it’s also one of the world’s largest.

Why You Should Go Against the Grain

So when you think about how to build your wealth, keep what you read today in mind:

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain...

Don’t be afraid to ignore what the “experts” are saying...

Trust your ability to find opportunities where others aren’t looking.

This will become increasingly important in the coming months and years, as the market starts to pull back.

That’s when all the “experts” will tell you to stash your money in cash and bonds.

But if you do that, I can almost guarantee that you’ll never have enough to live comfortably on.

Instead, do what we do: look for opportunities in places nobody is talking about yet…

Look for unconventional ways to build your wealth and generate multiple income streams.

Not only will that help you weather the coming storm, but it’ll help you outperform everyone else.

Happy investing.

Best Regards,



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