The Top 11 Technologies of the Future

By Crowdability, on Friday, October 21, 2016

How Much Salary You Need To Buy a Home In 27 U.S. Cities

The rent may be too damn high, but so is the cost of buying a place. Here’s a nationwide map of how much salary you need in 27 different metro areas to purchase a home »

Trash-Talking Milk Drinkers

Milk, the kind from cows, is still Americans’ favorite complement to a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. But recently it’s been feeling the heat from the kind of milk you get from almonds. Now milk is getting tough »

It’s Rough Being 40 in Silicon Valley

In the start-up world—a world where Mark Zuckerberg famously (and obnoxiously) said “Younger people are just smarter”—older workers are trying lawsuits, classes, and even surgery in order to keep working »

The Most Lavish Dorm Room in America

For most college freshman, their dorm room consists of a carpet of unwashed clothing, empty ramen packets, and movie posters peeling off the wall. But these two freshmen from The University of Mississippi had bigger plans »

The Top 11 Technologies of the Future

Technology has led to major increases in life expectancy and quality of life during the past 200 years. But now a new wave of innovation is in the works. In this fascinating article, top-notch venture capitalist Chris Dixon describes 11 technologies to keep an eye on »




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