"Where Should We Send Your Money?"

By Crowdability, on Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey guys, Matt Milner here.

This is an actual e-mail I received a few months ago (I blurred out the details for privacy reasons):

Where should we send your money?

And over the past year, I’ve received several other emails just like it.

The only question I have to answer is, "Where should we send your money?"

I simply reply with my bank’s wiring instructions and, within a few days, a large amount of money is deposited into my account.

To be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with buying and selling stocks. It involves a type of investment that’s entirely different...

With this investment, I don’t need to worry about when to buy... selling too soon or too late... setting stop losses... I don’t need to worry about any of those things.

But here’s my point in sharing this with you:

I’d like you to imagine receiving the same kind of e-mail in your inbox...

And then having thousands of dollars hit your bank account the next day.

As I’ll explain in a moment, you’ll have that exact opportunity in just a few days.

But before I go over the details, let me tell you how I got started with this different way to invest.

In The Beginning, There Were Stocks...

I began my career working for some of the largest financial institutions in the country—firms like Bear Stearns, Kidder Peabody, and Citicorp.

We helped our clients invest in traditional securities like stocks, bonds and options.

In fact, that’s where I invested most of my own money, too.

It was the safe thing to do...

But to be clear, by “safe,” I simply mean “conventional.”

By doing what everyone else was doing, I felt I couldn’t go wrong.

I mean, if I lost money, then everyone else would be losing money, too.

There’s a certain level of comfort knowing that everyone is in the same boat.

And that’s what keeps investors doing the same thing, year in, year out, like clockwork.

The Wall Street Money Machine

Wall Street encourages this conventional behavior…

In fact, it relies on us not to change.

It wants everyone to invest in the same way. That’s how it can keep us as customers, and keep collecting massive fees year after year.

But after nearly a decade of working on Wall Street, I started looking at my investment accounts more and more closely...

And I started asking my friends and colleagues to look at their accounts.

And all of a sudden, I realized that even though we were doing everything we were supposed to be doing, our bank accounts were hardly growing at all.

In fact, in some cases, we were losing money by following conventional wisdom.

That’s when I realized something incredibly important:

If you really want to make money investing, you have to do things differently...

You have to go against the crowd and invest where other people aren’t.

Once I made this realization, everything changed for me.

Let There Be Light...

Instead of investing in stocks and bonds—where historically I’d earned about 5% a year—I started putting investing in deals that made me 10x, 20x, sometimes as much as 100x my money.

And instead of staying up late at night worrying about when to buy and sell my stocks, I’d allow myself to forget about my investments—until I received a check in the mail, of course.

I moved from a cramped one-bedroom apartment in lower Manhattan to a beautiful brownstone on the Upper West Side. I can literally look out my living room window and see the treetops of Central Park.

And best of all, at the age of 40, I was able to “retire” from the traditional working world…

No more bosses. No more commuting. No more begging for a few days off.

I never believed becoming wealthy could bring you real happiness, but now I’m not so sure.

I mean, now I do what I want, when I want, and I only have myself to answer to.

Only a Few Days Away...

I’ll send you another email tomorrow. In that email, I’ll share more with you about the types of investments that have helped me transform my life.

I’ll show you how you, too, can begin to worry less and make more money than you ever thought possible.

As you’ll learn, it doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started with investing...

If you’re already retired…

Or if, like the “old” me, you’ve been doing things the same way for so long that you can’t imagine doing things differently.

The investment secrets I’ve used to build my fortune could work for anyone, at any time.

And in just a few days—this Thursday at 8 PM Eastern, to be exact—I’ll give you the chance to join me in my next investment.

One I believe could return 990% or more to early investors.

So stay tuned!

Also, if you’d like to speak to one of our VIP Member Representatives before Thursday’s event, click here now »

Matt Milner


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