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Arrived enables anyone to invest in single-family homes and vacation rentals for as little as $100.

Through this company’s platform, investors can earn rental income as well as long-term gains from the properties’ price appreciation. Arrived takes care of the rest.

Arrived is backed by multiple prominent investors including venture-capital firms Forerunner Ventures, PSL Ventures, and Core Innovation Capital. Notable angel investors include Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, Salesforce co-founder Marc Benioff, and former CEOs of Uber and Zillow.

(Please note, this offering is oversubscribed, but you can reserve a spot to invest if someone backs out for $500.)

Arrived is the very first company to be qualified by the SEC to offer shares of rental homes to the general public. And it’s since become the largest platform for investing in fractional residential and vacation-rental properties.

The company’s co-founder, Ryan Frazier, always wanted to invest in rental properties. But as his career progressed, he moved around a lot geographically. So he was never in the same place long enough for it to make financial sense to invest in a home.

Ryan also understood that, for most folks, having enough time and capital to purchase a rental property outright was rare. Initially, he invested in public real-estate funds known as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). But he didn’t like how they were so correlated to the ups and downs of the stock market. So to solve his dilemma, he co-founded Arrived Homes.

Through Arrived, users browse qualified properties and purchase shares in the ones they like. Minimum investments are as little as $100.

Then, they sit back and earn their share of rental income and any appreciation if and when the property is sold. Arrived handles everything else from marketing to maintenance.

Arrived uses an extensive due-diligence process to identify properties that have the best chance at generating steady rental income and appreciating in value. They’re also located in lucrative, fast-growing markets.

When it buys a unit, Arrived collects a real-estate agent rebate. It also charges members on its platform a sourcing fee and an asset-management fee. Finally, for vacation rentals, Arrived collects five percent of the gross revenue a property brings in. This is how it makes money.

Since 2021, Arrived has grown its number of users by 833% year-over-year. In 2021, the platform has 23,000 members. And last year, that number reached 417,000. Assets under management went from $0 in 2020 to nearly sixty-million dollars in 2022.

During that time, revenues grew, too. They jumped from $454,000 in 2021 to more than six million dollars in 2022. Arrived has gone from managing properties in five markets to having a presence in thirty-five markets nationwide.

In June 2021, Arrived raised ten million dollars in a seed round led by Core Innovation Capital, a VC firm whose portfolio includes major success stories like NerdWallet and Fundera. In May 2022, the company raised another twenty-five million dollars in a round led by Forerunner Ventures, a VC firm whose portfolio includes Dollar Shave Club, Bonobos, and HotelTonight.

Team Background

Ryan Frazier - Co-Founder & CEO

Ryan began his career as a marketing manager with Sigma Supply, a packaging-supplies
distributor. He later became Director of Marketing and Sales.

He then completed a fellowship with Gravity Ventures, a venture fund investing in early-stage technology companies. After that, he co-founded DataRank, a digital-publishing company focused on social analytics. In 2015, DataRank was acquired by Simply Measured, a social media analytics business.

Once acquired, Ryan stayed on with Simply Measured as its Senior Director of Sales, Vice President of Sales, and then General Manager. In 2017, Simply Measured was acquired by a competitor called Sprout Social.

Prior to starting Arrived, Ryan was a General Manager of Sprout Social. He studied International Business & Marketing and Economics at the University of Arkansas.

Alejandro Chouza - Co-Founder & COO

Alejandro is the co-founder of Tecnologias Innovadoras Organicas, a pharmaceutical-manufacturing company with more than 200 employees. This company was acquired in 2008.

He then co-founded Loxal Rewards, a merchant-loyalty program. After that, he spent four years at Microsoft as a senior product manager and marketing manager.

More recently, he founded an online hobby-learning community that was acquired in 2017. After that, he was a General Manager with Uber, overseeing the company’s Northwest U.S. ride sharing program. He was then Vice President of Operations with OYO USA, a hospitality-technology company.

Alejandro holds a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Babson College and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Kenny Carson - Co-Founder & CTO

Kenny began his career with the U.S. Marine Corps. He then spent four years as a software engineer with Lockheed Martin, a defense contractor.

From there, he was Director of Engineering with Simply Measured, the publishing company acquired by Sprout Social. More recently, he spent seven years as co-founder of DataRank, which completed the Y Combinator accelerator program. He was then a senior-software engineer with Sprout Social.

Kenny earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas.


Forerunner Ventures

A VC firm whose portfolio includes Birchbox, Bonobos, and Hims.

PSL Ventures

A VC fund investing in early-stage technology startups.

Core Innovation Capital

A VC firm investing in early-stage startups.

$5 million
$34.127 million (683%)
Current Valuation
$100 million
Min. Investment
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Title III
(For all investors)
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Finance History
  • $25 million
    Forerunner Ventures
  • $10 million
    Core Innovation Capital
Notable Investors
  • Forerunner Ventures
  • PSL Ventures
  • Core Innovation Capital
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