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Culver City, CA

The world faces a drastic housing shortage. The U.S. alone needs more than five million new housing units, and that number is growing daily.

Traditional construction methods are slow and unsustainable, and are contributing to the growing shortage. What’s the solution? One solution might be 3D-printed homes.

That’s the approach taken by Azure Printed Homes. This startup is targeting the construction industry by printing three-dimensional homes made from recycled materials. Its manufacturing process is seventy percent faster, and thirty percent less expensive than existing construction methods.

Azure offers prefabricated studios, and will soon offer accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and homes. Studio units can be printed in one day, and delivered/installed within a week. The company’s 14,000-square-foot factory can produce three units a day.

Sales are soaring. In 2021, revenue increased 265% over 2020. And sales grew another 175% in 2022.

Team Background

Yuri Eidelman - Co-Founder

Yuri has thirty-five years of experience as a licensed general contractor in California, Azure’s initial target market. He has co-founded three startups in various industries, and achieved sales to both private and public companies.

Ross Maguire - Co-Founder & CEO

Ross has more than a decade of experience in construction, design, and project management.

Prior to starting Azure, he founded and led his own residential and commercial construction company in London. Before that, he was a project manager with Turnkey Office Interiors, a company designing commercial and defense projects in the UK.

Earlier, he was a construction manager with Carillion, a facilities services business, where he worked on several commercial and residential properties. He earned a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nottingham.

Gene Eidelman - Head of Business Development

Gene has experience in the construction business, having served as Chief Operating Officer with Houck Construction. This California-based general contractor uses innovative technologies for home renovations and rebuilding.

Previously, he co-founded GamePlan, which helps companies perform employee assessments. Before that, he was President of Mosaica Education, a company developing curriculums for school-age students. Gene sold this company in 2015.

Gene earned an MBA from Pepperdine University.


$4.16 million
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$32 million Cap / 10% Discount
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Title III
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