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Mill Valley, CA

Young people love to travel.

According to a 2023 Global Travel Trends Report by American Express Travel, seventy-nine percent of Gen Z and Millennials believe that leisure travel is a vital part of their budget allocation. Eighty-four percent prefer a dream vacation over acquiring a new luxury item.

b0arding.com is targeting these travelers with a travel-booking platform designed just for them. Instead of showcasing vacation opportunities via written reviews and photos, this company offers immersive, video reviews, enabling site visitors to get a better sense of a particular hotel or destination.

b0arding.com has collaborated with Google and Booking.com, and features 100,000 listings on its platform. The company plans to integrate with Google’s travel-search platform.

Team Background

Victor Nikonets - CEO

An experienced entrepreneur with a 20-year track record in the travel industry, founded and sold several businesses. Responsible for establishing our b0arding.com's vision.

Alex Iurev - CTO

Alex has 20 years of experience in IT management, development, operations, and information security, including 7 years specializing in High-Load Development for the travel industry. Alex spent 5 years in the corporate sector as the Deputy Chief of IT

Emily Wilson - CMO

Emily has 8 years of experience in corporate Hollywood PR, working with major studios such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Universal Studios. She is a social media marketing expert with extensive product positioning and scaling knowledge. Additionall


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