Tech Device To Make Your Car Autonomous

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Artificial Intelligence, Vehicles


San Jose, CA

Epilog is changing how machines see the world.

It’s created a human-quality vision system, using next-generation 8K optics and advanced Artificial Intelligence. The result is technology that performs up to 100x better than other systems in use today.

Epilog describes its vision system as an “IMAX in your pocket,” in reference to the high-resolution cameras that create a premium viewing experience at movie theaters.

But this company’s affordable, portable technology wasn’t created for a night at the movies. Instead, it’s intended to help deliver the future of three major markets, including the one for self-driving vehicles.

Despite recent leaps forward, self-driving cars aren’t ready for primetime. The main reason? These cars can’t see.

Cameras are essential for a self-driving vehicle to navigate safely. But at the moment, most cameras for these cars have terrible vision — more specifically, they fail to pick up on details. In fact, the very best machine-vision systems available today are just two percent as good as the human eye.

That’s why Epilog set out to create a digital-vision system that could match the capability of the human eye.

Notably, this company isn’t building any new hardware from scratch. Instead, it leverages cutting-edge sensors and AI processors that already exist, and puts them together in novel, patented ways.

In 2018, Epilog partnered with Jabil (NYSE: JBL), one of the world’s largest electronics-manufacturing companies, so it could scale up production of its system. Then it began leveraging its system for use in the automotive industry. In other words, it created a system for self-driving cars. And it built this system for two scenarios:

1. To be factory-installed in new cars.
2. And to be integrated into existing cars — so millions of drivers could experience the joys (and safety) of this technology in the cars sitting in their driveway.

Epilog’s technology is marketed as a product called SideCar. This is the company’s portable vision system designed to make any vehicle a self-driving one.

The system is installed behind your rear-view mirror and is engaged when a car’s cruise-control setting is activated.

SideCar analyzes the vehicle’s surroundings in real-time. It can detect other cars on the road, traffic lights, street signs, construction areas, and potential obstacles. It also serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing continuous cell service.

Epilog has been granted nine patents which cover aspects like its super-resolution binary imaging and tracking system, panoramic imaging display system, and high-density storage system. Furthermore, the company has received an investment from Meyer Global Management, a venture-capital firm that’s invested in more than seventy startups.

Although the company is pre-revenue, Epilog plans to generate revenue through sales of its device (the SideCar will retail for $999) and partnerships with car manufacturers to integrate the product into new vehicles. Epilog will also sell auto insurance to its customers.

Team Background

Dieter Koller - VP of Research and Development

In addition to his role with Epilog, Dieter is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Landshut in Germany. He teaches computer science, math, and physics.

For ten years, he ran his own consulting business, Dieter Koller Engineering, focusing on the video security and computer vision markets.

Prior to that, he worked for seven years alongside Epilog Founder Michael Mojaver at NIO Security.

He earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Physics from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Lance Mojaver - Chief Technology Officer

Lance is an expert in super-resolution computational imaging processes and computer vision.

Throughout his career, he has designed multiple production cameras and deployed software used in cameras that monitor schools, airports, and military bases. Notably, he managed the design of the world’s first AI-powered single-lens multi-sensor video camera.

Michael Mojaver - Founder & CEO

Michael has a track record of starting and managing technology companies.

Prior to starting Epilog, he was President and CEO of NIO Security (NYSE: NIO), a company developing intelligent video surveillance software for physical security applications. While in this position, he took the company public and helped it reach a market cap of $300 million.

Before that, he was President and CEO of Tempest Microsystems, a security company.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Physics from the University of California, San Diego, and studied Particle Physics at Cornell.

Marc Munford - VP of Sales

Marc has been with Epilog since 2016.

Before that, he was Director of Strategic Accounts at Treasure Data, a software company providing analytics for information stored in the “cloud.”

He gained sales experience as Director of Sales for Funambol, an open-source e-mail service, and a sales engineer with Insignia Solutions, a software vendor for PC computers.

Marc earned a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Computer Science from California State University.


Meyer Global Management

A New York-based venture-capital firm that's invested in more than seventy startups.

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