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No More “Range Anxiety” with Electric Cars

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Austin, TX

Electric vehicles (EVs) are projected to become a trillion-dollar market by 2026.

But charging electric cars isn’t always easy. It requires time, and in some cases luck, to find a charging station before the battery runs out. This creates “range anxiety” for drivers. And it’s a real barrier to mainstream EV adoption.

EV Solar Kits is aiming to create a solution. It’s designed portable, aftermarket solar-panel charging kits for EVs. These kits get attached to the roof of an EV, and the energy that’s collected is stored in a portable battery unit that can be hooked up to the EV’s charging port. It’s like having your own charging station wherever you go.

EV Solar Kits’s products are now available for pre-order. So far, the company has generated more than $100,000 of pre-order sales.

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Steele Wasik - Co-Founder and CEO
Jonathan Roklen - Co-Founder and Director of Supply Chain


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$44.9 million
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Title III
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