Jet Shark

A Shark-Like Submersible Boat

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Redding, CA

Boats typically skim across the water. Why don’t they move through it instead?

That’s the idea behind Jet Shark, a marine-focused transportation startup that’s created a new type of aquatic vessel.

This company brings the three-dimensional capabilities of an aircraft to the boating world, enabling people to enjoy the ocean the way aquatic creatures do. Its vessel isn’t a submarine that slowly sinks beneath the water; instead, it “flies” underwater, remaining buoyant at all times. (It even looks and moves like a shark.)

Jet Shark’s Founder, Rob Innes, has been building and selling submersible watercraft for more than fifteen years. The company has built close to 200 custom vessels and established nearly a dozen commercial passenger-ride ventures around the world. Its vessel has been featured in popular TV shows like “Jay Leno’s Garage” and, fittingly, “Shark Tank.”

Team Background

Robert Innes - Chief Executive Officer
Aimee Dessem - Chief Financial Officer


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