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Waterbury, CT

Do you trust the news media?

Nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t. They believe that national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform, or scare the public into adopting a particular point of view through their reporting.

That’s why Kazark has created a new way to access information. It’s created patented search technology that gives users different perspectives and opposing views on every news story. As a result, users can gain a better understanding of complex issues, make more informed decisions and, most importantly, take in all sides of a story — not just the ones certain media organizations want to tell.

Kazark’s Founder, Drue Hontz, was frustrated with the polarization and bias of the current media landscape. Part of these feelings were due to the fact that in 1983, fifty companies owned news organizations. Today, however, there are only six. This limits access to diverse, often fair perspectives and reports.

So Drue set out to create a contextual search technology that maps how information is connected. And this is the foundation of the Kazark news app.

People may not trust much of what they see or hear. But they sure try and obtain as much information as possible. That explains why a handful of news- and search-related companies have achieved success in recent years. For example:

• SmartNews, a platform providing news and stories from hundreds of local websites, raised funds in 2021 at a two-billion-dollar valuation.

• Axios, a news platform, was acquired by Cox Enterprises in 2022 for $525 million.

• And Vurb, a mobile-search app, was acquired by social-media platform Snapchat for $115 million.

But Kazark is unlike any of these companies for a few reasons:

First, its technology enables readers to receive information from global and local sources, even content that’s been posted to social media.

Second, it’s the only one to ensure that users see opposing perspectives on news stories and issues.

Finally, it offers “actionable” news. In other words, it connects users with people and organizations that are making a difference in the issues they’re passionate about. This unique feature adds a layer of engagement and depth to the information-seeking process.

Kazark is pre-revenue, but the company has several options when it comes to making money.

It could set up its platform as a freemium service, offering basic services for free with the option for users to subscribe to additional premium features. It also plans to implement topic-specific marketing ads.

Additionally, as part of Kazark’s benefit of connecting news stories to relevant non-profits and social organizations, the company could potentially generate revenue through these connections.

Kazark has built and tested its search technology and algorithm. And it’s designed and tested its patent-pending user interface.

If successful in helping users receive news and information, Kazark’s search technology could be effective in markets like e-commerce, finance, and healthcare records.

Team Background

Drue Hontz - Chief Executive Officer

In addition to his role with Kazark, Drue is a startup advisor with MindTrust Labs, a software-development company. He is also a principal with Saybrook Consulting Group, a company specializing in sales-growth services.

Previously, he was Vice President of Operations with WRM Software, a software-development company. Before that, he founded Track180, an online news-media platform that was nominated at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for Best Publishing Platform.

Earlier in his career, Drue founded Hontz Elevator Company, a construction company focused on elevators that attracted notable clients like NASA and Yale University.

Chris Errato - Chief Technology Officer

Chris has twenty-five years of technology experience and has developed strategies and brands for Fortune 100 companies including American Express, CVS Health, Honeywell, Deloitte, and VISA.

In addition to his role with Kazark, he is Founder & CEO of MindTrust, a software-development company. Previously, he founded Worldcom Interactive, a collection of businesses including an advertising agency and web-based application development division.

He began his career as a co-founder of Incyte Systems, a company focused on manufacturing various hardware.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of New Haven.

KIm Peratt - Chief Experience Officer

Kim has twenty-five years of design experience and co-founded two successful startups.

Early in his career, he spent time as a video editor and graphic designer, before becoming Head of Design with Grupo Costa Este, a Barcelona-based hospitality company.

From there, he spent four years as Global Head of UX and Design with Golden Gekko, an IT services business. In addition to his role with Kazark, he is co-founder of Faster Order, a software-development company for the restaurant industry, and Mobile Applied, an IT services company.

Kim spent time studying graphic design.


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