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Delaware City, DE

Trendex enables you to buy stakes in professional athletes.

Co-founded by Nicolas Alfonsi (the founder of a three-billion-dollar business that helps YouTube content creators monetize their work), this company “gamifies” investing in athletes.

Consumers buy tokens connected to specific basketball and soccer players, and as those athletes have success on the field or the court, those tokens increase in value.

More than 180 athletes are available for investment through Trendex. The company’s investors include startup-accelerator Y Combinator, as well as professional athletes Karim Benzema (the famous soccer player) and Rudy Gobert (the award-winning basketball player).

This company’s funding round launches next week, but you can reserve your spot for $100.

Team Background

Andrea Bonapersona - Co-Founder & CEO
Nicolas Alfonsi - Co-Founder & CSO


Y Combinator

Seed-stage accelerator whose alumni include Scribd, Reddit, Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe

$1.07 million
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$25 million Cap / 0% Discount
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Title III
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  • Y Combinator
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