How a Startup Could Change Your Life

I want to share a very personal story with you today.

It’s not one that I tell often – partly out of embarrassment, and partly because it’s kind of painful to think about…

 Let me begin by saying how truly blessed I feel each and every day.

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3 Ways to Earn "Private Income" Every Month

When we hear about “startup investing,” we generally think of the big paydays that occur when an early-stage company is acquired or goes public – like Google, Facebook or Tumblr.

And historically, it’s true: profits from early-stage investing have come from “exits” like an IPO or a big acquisition. But…

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Two Ways to Cut Your Taxes with Equity Crowdfunding

“Startup.” Ah, what an exciting word…

It brings to mind the anticipation and wealth-building potential of being part of “The Next Facebook” or “The Next Google.”

But for a handful of smart investors, the word “startup” conjures up something that’s a little less world changing, but (depending on how you…

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