Uber for Mortgages

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Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Bee makes it easy to get approved for a mortgage.

Using smart contracts and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the company’s app can fully pre-approval a home buyer in less than ten minutes using verified income and assets — no human involvement or pesky phone calls required.

Everything from rate-shopping through closing can be done through the Bee app. And getting approved is as easy as answering a simple set of questions. Bee keeps users updated throughout the entire process and even enables them to finish the process with a virtual closing. As the company says, “This is like Uber for the mortgage industry.”

Bee has raised more than two-and-a-half million dollars and is licensed in Florida, Colorado, Montana, and South Carolina. Its platform has been featured in Business Insider, TIME, NBC News, and The Washington Post.

Team Background

Curtis Wood - Co-Founder & CEO
Cynthia Wood - Co-Founder & COO


$74.474K (60%)
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$7.5 million Cap / 0% Discount
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Title III
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