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Austin, TX

Covid-19 took much of the working world virtual. Instead of in-person meetings and conferences, everything happened online. And while in-person events have returned, virtual interactions are still the “new normal.”

In a recent survey, ninety-four percent of participants said they were planning for virtual events in 2022. And nearly half planned to have more virtual events than the year before.

BizzTech is targeting this shift with its platform that enables users to host 100% digital meetings. Its platform is called Tookeo, and offers meeting environments in 3D, Virtual Reality, and the metaverse.

Tookeo is a web-based platform that doesn’t require any downloads, making it accessible for a variety of users. Events can be customized to host trade shows, conferences, meetings, and team trainings.

BizzTech onboarded its first paying customer in October 2022.

Team Background

Dirk Schmidt - Co-Founder & CEO
Jason Shuster - COO
Andrew Maner - CTO


$8,375 (1%)
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$6 million Cap / 20% Discount
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Title III
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