An AI Solution for Airbnbs

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Travel Services (non-internet/mobile)


Hollywood, CA

There’s a trillion-dollar problem that few are paying attention to.

It involves the fast-growing hospitality industry, where businesses like hotels and Airbnb are struggling with fragmented solutions. Too many of them don’t work with one another.

Jurny aims to solve this problem with its end-to-end property-management system powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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As mentioned, hotel owners and Airbnb hosts thrive on travelers. Worldwide, there are more than twenty-five million guest rooms available.

But the technology used to support this industry is far from perfect. In fact, hotels and platforms like Airbnb will spend $355 billion this year on outdated operational costs. Factor in issues like siloed solutions, and you can begin to see the value Jurny can offer.

This company provides users with a property-management system that automates operations for hosts, hotels, and property managers. Users can integrate and manage software for bookings, cleanings, reviews, customer service, and pricing — all on one dashboard and enhanced using the company’s AI element.

Additionally, hosts can control “smart” devices using this technology, enabling them to do things like set rental units at a comfortable temperature or ensure rooms are secure for guests.

The key to Jurny’s technology is its AI element called “Nia.” As the company says, Nia is “not just an AI — it’s a revolutionary system designed to address and overcome the complexities and inefficiencies that plague the hospitality sector.”

At its core, Nia is a vertically-integrated platform that combines several tools and services under a single dashboard. This enables unprecedented control and automation of processes that have traditionally been fragmented. But what truly sets this technology apart is its ability to learn and adapt, offering each user the chance to customize the AI’s responses and interactions to align with individual guest needs.

Jurny has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Bloomberg. And it’s achieved about two million dollars in annual recurring revenue since launching in late 2021. Using Jurny, property managers save an average of $2,200 per year and decrease labor costs by more than $7,000 per year, per property.

To generate revenue, Jurny offers a freemium business model. The basic option is free and offers limited features. There’s also a Plus plan (about thirty dollars per month per unit) and a Pro plan (about seventy dollars per month per unit). Custom plans for enterprise clients are also available.

With funds raised, Jurny will continue developing its product and increase its marketing budget.

Team Background

Luca Zambello - Founder & CEO

In addition to his role with Jurny, Luca is an advisory board member with California State University, Fullerton’s Entertainment and Hospitality Management division. He’s also an advisor with Communicating With Us, a digital-advertising company.

Previously, he ran a hospitality-management company, serving as President of a business that oversaw 300 properties across six U.S. cities.

Luca studied at UCLA.

Giovanni Morello - Chief Technology Officer

Giovanni has more than sixteen years of experience in IT. Throughout his career, he’s developed software for several Fortune 500 companies in Europe, including Vodafone and Ducati.

Prior to joining Jurny, he co-founded Metide, an IT services company focused on mobile and web projects. Before that, he spent time as a developer.

Giovanni studied at the University of Padova in Italy.

Vikki Li - Chief Financial Officer

Vikki has more than a decade of financial experience, including financial reporting for several asset-management companies.

Most recently, she spent five years with Wilshire Associates, a financial-services company, serving as a senior analyst and associate. Before that, she was an accountant with Prime Opportunities Investment Group.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and a Master’s degree in Accounting from Tulane.


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