Rechargeable Batteries for Everyday Devices

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Park City, UT

Americans go through ten million single-use batteries every day. That amounts to 200,000 tons of batteries discarded each year.

Paleblue aims to reduce this waste. This technology startup manufactures energy-efficient, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Now instead of throwing out the batteries from your television remote, you can simply recharge them up to 1,000 times.

Consider your smartphone: you charge the battery inside it over and over. Why not apply the same principle to batteries used in remote-controls and toys? That’s Paleblue’s solution.

The company’s batteries come in commonly-used sizes, ranging from AAA to 9v. And each battery can be charged via USB-C.

In 2022, Paleblue generated more than three million dollars in revenue, a 180% increase from the year before. And the company has pending patents covering its technology. Its batteries are available through Paleblue's website, Amazon, and more than 350 retail locations.

Team Background

Thomas Bishop - Co-Founder & CEO
Steve Warren - Co-Founder & COO


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$1.206 million (55%)
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Title III
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