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There have been 160 billion-dollar disasters in America over the last decade. And these incidents have resulted in more than one trillion dollars’ worth of damages, and several thousand deaths.

Now imagine that you’re an emergency manager. You’re responsible for thousands of personnel across hundreds of public-safety agencies. But you and your team have to rely on paper maps and radios to communicate. And you can’t share information with each other (or the public) in real-time.

That’s the predicament that actual managers find themselves in right now. But soon, they’ll rely on Perimeter.

Perimeter is a software startup that’s created a real-time emergency-management platform. This software acts as a single source where incident information can be updated in real-time, empowering managers to spend less time sharing information and more time taking action.

As mentioned, disasters are an all-too-common occurrence. And they’re happening more frequently than ever before.

Extreme fire risk is expected to increase fourteen percent by 2030, and fifty percent by the end of this century. More than half of Category 4 and 5 storms to hit the U.S. since 1960 have happened in the last five years. And in most cities along the east coast, floods are five times as common as they were in 1950.

Perimeter is a solution to help disaster managers coordinate and address these events. Here’s how it works:

Input: First, emergency responders input points of distress, along with routes and zones related to the disaster.

Share: Next, team members can collaborate with each other and release information to the public, including in real-time.

Act: Finally, residents and responders can react quickly to incidents — saving time, money, and lives.

Perimeter is targeting the public-safety software market, estimated at seven billion dollars. Within this market, the company is targeting valuable sectors including the two-billion-dollar computer-aided dispatch market, the two-billion-dollar weather alert and warning market, and the three-billion-dollar mass-notification software market.

To generate revenue, Perimeter issues contracts to individual departments, but aims to capture many departments at once by issuing contracts at the county or state level. The company is generating about $30,000 a month in revenue.

Perimeter is used by more than 100 departments across California and Nevada and its platform has a pipeline of more than sixty-seven counties across fifteen states, including Florida, Washington, and Texas.

Perimeter has raised one-and-a-half million dollars from professional investors including Risk+Return, Parade Ventures, and Tusk Ventures. And it’s been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal.

The company won the New York Times’ “Good Tech Awards” and the Beat the Blaze government hackathon. Its co-founders were recognized in Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in the Enterprise Technology sector for their work.

Team Background

Bailey Farren - Co-Founder & CEO

Bailey is the daughter of two first responders and started Perimeter to help her community evacuate from fires.

Prior to starting the company, she studied Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley and worked with the Berkeley Fire Research Group and NASA Ames. She has been named for Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley.

Noah Wu - Co-Founder & CTO

Noah studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley, where he researched computer vision and deep learning.

He has won awards for his work in full-stack development, machine learning, geospatial information systems, and mapping. He was also named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list.


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