Innovative Propulsion System for Satellites

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Outer Space


Scottsdale, AZ

Small satellites are swarming around outer space, providing internet, communications, and key research services. The problem is, these satellites can’t easily propel themselves through space due to their small size.

Electric propulsion systems draw too much power from the satellite. And chemical systems aren’t feasible due to the risk of explosion.

That’s why ThermaSat created an alternative. It’s created a propulsion system that uses photonic crystals and sunlight to heat water, which acts as a natural propellant.

This company could play a key role in the outer-space industry, which Bank of America predicts will soon be worth nearly three trillion dollars. Over the next ten years alone, more than 17,000 small satellites are expected to be sent into orbit.

ThermaSat has multiple patents pending for its propulsion system, and has received interest from NASA.

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Troy Howe - Chief Executive Officer
Jack Miller - Chief Technology Officer


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