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Beaverton, OR

Voltaic Marine is developing EVs — not electric vehicles, but electric vessels.

These vessels are designed for water sports and the recreational boating market. According to Global Market Insights, the global recreational-boating industry is projected to surpass $230 billion by 2024.

Voltaic’s EVs feature a patent-pending design, as well as a durable aluminum hull and 500 horsepower. Its first model, the AEW24, can last for an eight-hour day on the water on a single charge and can “fast charge” up to eighty percent in two hours.

Voltaic has created a prototype of its EV and is raising funds to complete testing and begin production.

Team Background

Thomas Reed - COO

Mr. Reed Stevens is a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur who has founded and led multiple companies over his 20 year career. Serving most often as CEO and Board Director, Reed has lead companies from inception, through capital formation and product de

Richard Hau - Founder / CEO

Mr. Richard Phamdo has over 12 years of experience in semiconductor and electrical systems development for electric vehicles. He provided system ingredients for use cases in infotainment, networking, connectivity, ADAS, autonomous driving, battery man


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