Trade in Your McDonald’s Sundae for 10x Your Money

In my humble opinion, the McDonald’s sundae is the perfect companion for a road-trip.

It tastes like ice-cream. But because of some miracle of food science, it doesn’t melt like ice-cream. As long as the car isn’t too hot inside, it might last thirty or forty minutes.

On a long…

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Elon Musk Is Getting a Brain Implant — Will You?

Life-Saving Vending Machines Are Here

Candy… sodas… cars… it seems there are vending machines to sell just about everything these days. But only one such machine could save your life. Get the scoop »

[VIDEO] Puppy Pulls Fire Alarm at Doggy Daycare, is Very Sorry

High-school students have been…

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The Most Powerful Supercomputer on Earth

In 1878, Professor James Murray embarked on an ambitious project.

His goal was to create the world’s first comprehensive English-language dictionary: The Oxford English Dictionary.

This dictionary would take over 70 years to complete, eventually encompassing more than 414,825 words and definitions.

In the days before computers, this must have…

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Robinhood Now Offering 401k Matching

Creator of iPod Believes He Can Save Crypto

The crypto market’s in trouble. But the guy who invented the iPod thinks he can save it. What’s his plan? Find out here »

Scientists Explain Why You’re Sick During the Holidays

Germs are present year-round. So why do we get…

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Could Elon Create the “iPhone Killer”?

You Saw it on “Star Wars” — Now It’s Here for Real

From lightsabers to robots, magical objects from “Star Wars” have started to appear in the real world. Recently, another one made its debut. Check it out »

This is How You’d Look as an Egyptian Pharoah

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Three Surprising Tips for Finding a Profitable Startup

When evaluating a start-up for a potential investment, you might be tempted to focus on the company’s product, or its competition.

And certainly, those are important factors to consider.

But as we’ve learned over the years, other factors are far more likely to influence the company’s outcome — and in…

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