It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a... Drone?

Why Is McDonald’s Delivering So Many Hilariously Wrong Orders?

McDonald’s recently added Artificial Intelligence to enhance its drive-thru ordering process. Let’s just say the experience is far from perfect — often with hilarious results »

This Necklace Can Help You Stop Smoking

From patches to gum, there are plenty…

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“Alexa, Who Will Win the Super Bowl?”

Three Years Until the End of TV

Media insiders were asked about the future of television. Some weren’t too worried about its fate. Others, meanwhile, believed its days are numbered »

A Third Arm You Control Using Your Brain

We could all use a little help from time to…

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Hidden Income — 88% Success Rate

Yesterday, Matt filled you in on a certain situation — a situation we believe poses enormous risk to your financial security:


As he explained, at current inflation levels, not only is your existing cash getting crushed…

But over time, your retirement account could lose over 75% of its…

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How to Keep Sharing Netflix Passwords

What’s the Best Self-Driving Car?

Tesla is known for its pioneering autopilot technology. But perhaps surprisingly, it’s not rated as the best self-driving car. So who’s the winner? Find out here »

You Need to See this UFO App

Many are skeptical about the existence of aliens. But this…

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Five New Ways to Invest in the “Next” Pelé

On December 29, 2022, the Brazilian soccer star Pelé passed away.

Born into barefoot poverty, he grew to become one of the greatest athletes in modern history. He won the World Cup a record three times, and is known as soccer’s first superstar.

And when he died, he left a…

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Do You Have the Anti-Aging Gene?

[VIDEO] What Exactly Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. But what the heck is it? This video explains it all »

Everyone Wants Your E-Mail Address — Think Twice Before Sharing It

These days, more and more companies are asking for your e-mail address. Seems harmless,…

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