AI Can Steal Your Personal Info — Here’s How

The World's Cheapest Home Is for Sale

The “world’s cheapest home” just hit the market. Admittedly, it needs some work. But is it too good of a deal to pass up? You be the judge »

This Junk Food Might Be Good for You

Scientists are studying whether this…

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Imagine walking into work tomorrow, looking your boss in the eye, and saying…


Then heading home, kicking up your feet, and enjoying retirement!

Imagine doing all of that while knowing your bills are paid and not caring less whether the market is going up or down.

I know,…

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5-Year-Old Wins a Lawsuit

Finally: A TV in a Suitcase

LG’s newest product is a high-definition television that comes in a suitcase. Think that sounds weird? Wait ‘til you see it »

Flying Aliens? Or Men with Jetpacks?

In Peru, locals are being visited by strange, aerial beings. Weird details here »

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Is the Cage-Match Off?

Beware of New “Friends”

If you use Facebook, you’re about to receive an onslaught of new friend requests. Be careful — these “friends” aren’t who you think they are. Get the scoop »

Who’s the Real Boogeyman?

When it comes to stealing sensitive personal information, China has become our…

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How is this worth $17.75 million?

My daughter just had her 2nd birthday, so I have time before she starts dating.

But I read something last week that got me thinking…

Paul Newman had a daughter named Nell. And Nell had a boyfriend. 

One day, Newman decided to give Nell’s boyfriend a present. But the present…

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America’s Best Bathroom

Forget Netflix — Here Comes NASA

There’s already Netflix, Hulu, Max, and dozens of other streaming services. But now a new one’s coming — and it will feature content that’s truly out of this world. Get the details »

Can These Kids Predict the Future?

Vice Magazine asked a…

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